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October 5, 2012

“Lights, Camera, Action”

I had the pleasure to participate in the Mike And Rob LIVE FedEx webcast for FedEx Services recently. They were kind enough to have me on to talk about our sustainability efforts within FedEx. Equally gratifying was the fact that we did the live webcast from the FedEx Enterprise Data Center-West (EDC-W) facility. This is a LEED Gold-certified facility. LEED is the U.S. Green Building Council’s certification of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Click here for more information about the EDC-W. It truly is an outstanding, efficient and advanced facility.

During this live broadcast, we talked about what EarthSmart is. You can find information on this wonderful website – and be sure to play the games there. We talked about several of our initiatives – both those involving the company’s operations, as well as the services and innovations we offer our customers. For instance, this included the following:

  • Aircraft emissions reductions: We recently raised our goal by 50%. We now have a goal to reduce aircraft emissions intensity by 30% by 2020. You can find out more in our Global Citizenship Report.
  • Vehicle efficiency improvements and innovations: We are ahead of schedule on our goal in this. Find out more in our Global Citizenship Report.
  • EarthSmart Carbon Neutral Envelope Shipping: More than 200 million shipments each year. Worldwide. At no extra charge. Available for our customers. Now. Find out more here about this innovative and clear-cut way we help our customers with their commitment to sustainability.
  • International Electronic Trade Documents: Find out about our service with this link to FedEx Paperless Processing. Customers can ship to more than 80 countries without printing customs documents. It’s an EarthSmart Innovation.
  • TechConnect Remote Representative Program: At-home customer service. Virtual town halls. Limited commutes. Convenience and service.
  • TechConnect Repair Service Center: Where we repair, reuse and recycle electronic equipment. Check out more here.
  • Environmentally-friendly paper selections and services from FedEx Office: Paper, cloud services and other sustainability offerings here.

We also discussed the benefits of having a sustainability focus. They include business in general, workplace and team members, shareholders, and, of course, the environment itself.

In addition to all this, we also highlighted quotes from two of our customers on the value of our EarthSmart initiatives to them. That is something that is great to hear since customer service is core to the FedEx mission and our belief system. That’s why we say, EarthSmart – FedEx solutions for a more sustainable world.

Performance. Innovation. Leadership. Technical Know-how. And, Customer Service. All with an eye towards sustainability. LIVE!

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