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Swimming, Cycling and Running for the Cure!

April 18, 2013

On Sunday, April 7th, a record 71 employees from FedEx participated in the seventh annual Nautica South Beach Triathlon. The Triathlon benefits St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where proceeds go directly to pediatric cancer research. Over 3,000 athletes total competed in the South Florida race and more importantly over $422,000 was raised to benefit the children of St. Jude’s. Many of the FedEx volunteers were motivated to participate because they have family members that have been afflicted with cancer and others wanted to help the cause simply as parents of small children.

FedEx volunteers alone raised an impressive $52,000 for St. Jude, which was the most ever by FedEx in this event. In comparison only 55 FedEx employees participated last year and collected $37,000. FedEx volunteers raised the money in a variety of different creative ways. Some examples included: a red carpet event to raise money, personalized messages sent to entire networks of family and friends, a “jeans day” where employees donated money for the privilege of casual Fridays, Home cooked lunches to raise money prepared by our own employees and we even had employees from other FedEx divisions like EMEA who supported our athletes/participants with donations.

The triathlon featured two types of distances: International and Classic. The International Distance Challenge consisted of a 1.5K ocean swim, a 40K bike course and a 10K run course. The Classic Distance Challenge featured a half mile ocean swim, a 19 mile bike course and a 4 mile run course. The FedEx team performance overall was exceptional. Our FedEx Team Captain, Robert Rodriguez, completed the International Distance Challenge in under 3 hours, setting a personal record! We also had two individuals that finished in the top three for the Classic race in their age group and three teams that received medals for finishing in the top 3 of their classification. Below are the three FedEx teams that medaled.

  • Azari Arrocha, Cara Mullery and Pedro Ortega
    (1st place Classic Relay co-ed)
  • Juan Medina, John Medina and Laine Morgan
    (2nd place Classic Relay co-ed)
  • Steven Goddard, Denis Beausejour and Mario Miranda
    (3rd place Classic Relay men’s)


    Ana Santos says:

    So Proud of our team … Go Team Fedex!

    Lina Marrero says:

    Great Story! Excellent leadership and service to others by Robert Rodriguez and his awesome Fed Ex team!

    Katharine Barrantes says:

    This is how we deliver in LAC/ South Florida! Great job team, something everyone who participated should be proud of.

    MayLyn says:

    I didn’t p[erticipate in the race, but I have done many volunteer shipments over to St. Jude and I’m so pleased so see the FedEx workers getting involved in helping out with St. Jude as well! Thank you FedEx for giving me this wonderful oppertunity to volunteer for you guys and help people in need not only with shipments, but in many other ways as well. I enjoyed reading this, and so pleased with team FedEx!

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