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66-million-year-old Passenger Still Up for Road Trips

July 17, 2018

You’d think at 66 million, you’d be tired of travel. Not the case for a Tyrannosaurus Rex who recently made the 14-hour journey from Ontario, Canada to Washington D.C. via FedEx.

The T. rex skeleton, along with the skeletons of a mammoth, a mastodon, an Eremotherium,(that’s a giant sloth), and Hatcher, the first Triceratops ever publicly displayed, traveled in temperature-controlled FedEx Custom Critical trucks. The temperature needed to be consistent to help simulate the environment where the fossils were recently restored.

Ancient specimens are incredibly sensitive to humidity and temperature. Materials last longer at cooler temperatures, and rapidly changing temperatures may have damaging effects on fossils, metals, stone, and other items. Changes in humidity cause objects to expand and contract, which can cause damage and accelerate deterioration.

The T. rex spent three and half years in Ontario, where missing parts were cast to complete the skeleton restoration, and it was repositioned into a dramatic scene standing over Hatcher.  This installation will become the future centerpiece of a new fossil hall in The Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History.

Set to open June 8, 2019, The David H. Koch Hall of Fossils – Deep Time, will feature the nearly complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton alongside more than 700 specimens, including dinosaurs, plants, animals and insects, some never before displayed in the museum.

“The return of the T. rex is an important milestone in the countdown to the grand opening of this extraordinary hall in June 2019,” said Kirk Johnson, Sant Director of the National Museum of Natural History. “This hall will be unlike any other – it begins in the past and ends in the future.”

The exhibition will depict a journey through time—from the formation of Earth and the beginnings of life through 10 geologic time periods and Earth’s major extinction events—concluding at a point where visitors will consider how they shape the future of the planet.

The move marked the third time FedEx donated services to move the ancient fossils.

“It’s exciting to use our operation to move these precious shipments, but it’s even more rewarding to know that because of this shipment, museum visitors will be able to experience something they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to see,” said Virginia Addicott, President and CEO of FedEx Custom Critical.

“We are proud to continue the historic relationship between the Smithsonian and FedEx with the return of the Nation’s T. rex from Canada, where it was prepared for installation in the new fossil hall,” said Sandra Lovinguth, Chief Development Officer, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. “The FedEx team was meticulous in the care they provided for these precious fossils, exceeded only by their enthusiasm for what they do. We were gratified to have such quality support for the Nation’s T. rex’s journey home.”

Visit for more information on the upcoming exhibit.


    Sebastian V D says:

    We appreciate the dedicated efforts of FedEx in the journey of T.Rex. It shows dedication of our team in protecting and preserving these rarest fossils.

    Lisa McClure says:

    YAY US! FCC Administrative Assistant ^_^

    Jason Houston says:

    That was a great experience to be apart of.

    Katari says:


    Katie Evans says:

    Donated services AND a cool trailer wrap – so proud of our company!! We could have had a cameo in “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”. 🙂

    Carol says:

    So much fun being a part of this move! Amazing teams and Smithsonian folks so nice!!

    Stephen Thomas says:

    That looks simply fantastic! Good job and BZ to all of the team involved!

    Katie says:

    Great job!

    PETER says:

    So cool to be a part of the moving of these specimans. Dinosaur bones are so neat they really do need to be preserved for future generations.

    wencu-huang says:

    well done,cool!

    satbhushan nagar says:

    amazing, so proud of our company

    Alesha Aleman says:

    That’s Awesome!

    Rabab says:

    Awesome job !

    Karen Stull says:

    BZs to all team members who successfully moved these priceless artifacts!

    Hany M says:

    Wow this is amazing. BZ to teams that handled this!

    Chamaraj.S says:


    Rodrigo Cruz says:

    Hello, is there a printable version of this blog? My son is a dinossaur mega fan and I would like to show him this, printed with pictures. Thank you

    Pedro Ribeiro says:

    Great Job Team!!
    It’s a honor make a part of this team!!

    Jeff Byrd says:

    Dinosaurs lived then so that they could make us happy today!

    Park says:

    Great and amazing job !!!

    Omar Arodi says:

    Well done TEAM!!!

    Alita Reyna says:

    Amaizing job! so proud of our company and team 🙂

    Terry says:

    Hello guys who I like to say thank you thank God bless

    Paula says:

    That is simply amazing, Wow!

    Debbie McIntosh says:

    Always a great job from FedEx, nothing but exceptional work expected of the team. And Jason thank you for the pictures, I felt as if I played a part as well – 🙂

    Debbie McIntosh
    Loyal FedEx Customer

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