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April 14, 2015

How We Overcame Cultural Inertia and Saved Millions

“Cultural Inertia”: The tendency for a group of people to cling to traditions and ways of thinking that have outlived their usefulness even when better ways are presented. Man, was this ever “us”. We still see evidence of this phenomenon on a fairly regular basis around Air Operations, but never was it as visible as

March 16, 2015

Fuel Sustainability: Simple Adjustments Save Millions

Working with the Fuel Sense team has been an eye opening experience. First of all, the knowledge of the individuals on the team is paramount. Just learning how very simple adjustments to our procedures can save millions is astonishing to me. Throughout my career, I have managed in many areas that have a direct impact

March 9, 2015

Saving Fuel to Defend our Nation

Many of you will be familiar with the impact of Fuel Sense on FedEx operations. Cutting costs in business is a fundamental concept. Reduced overhead allows for better prices for consumers, better profit margins for shareholders, increased market share… it’s just better business. Add on to that the positive environmental impact and reduced fuel consumption

March 2, 2015

Fuel Sustainability: When Does it Make Sense to go Extra Thick?

In Air Operations Strategic Projects, we are constantly looking at new technology that will impact the air operation in the next five to ten years. Sometimes, exploring one technology will lead you down a completely different path, make you challenge conventional wisdom and save some fuel. A few years back, we were exploring ideas for

February 25, 2015

Two Misunderstood Words: Economical and Responsible

In today’s economy, attention to the cost of fuel and how much to purchase is a concern to just about everyone. Deciding which gas station has the best price or deciding how much to purchase is a struggle. This struggle flows over into my job as well; I am an Aircraft Dispatcher. My job is

February 18, 2015

Fuel Sense: It Only Works When We Work Together

While I’ve seen the effects of Fuel Sense first hand it has taken some time to grasp the power of this project. I understand what aircraft maintenance provides for Fuel Sense, however, it wasn’t until the actual numbers were posted that I stood back and realized the monumental impact this program has had. Since 2007

February 13, 2015

Fuel Sense: Every drop counts at FedEx Express

Do you plan to reduce your impact on the environment by taking actions at work to save fuel? If so, how do you plan on going about it?