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May 15, 2013

FedEx Announces Innovation Award Winner at 2013 National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster Conference

FedEx is an innovation leader. To encourage innovation in one of our core philanthropic focus areas - disaster response - FedEx sponsors Innovation Awards at both national and international forums.

February 8, 2013

Got International? FedEx Helps Deliver Simpler Access to Cross-border Philanthropy

In January 2003, some household name US corporations were featured in a story in the Financial Times. The story reported that the companies had given financial donations to a charity linked to a terrorist organization. The names of the companies were included in the headline of the story. Ouch. One of the companies had a matching grant program. One of their employees donated to a charity that turned out to be indirectly associated with a terrorist organization and when the matching grant program kicked in the company made a direct donation to that organization.

May 4, 2012

EarthSmart Outreach

 Giving is not really about what one gives. It is about what others receive EarthSmart Outreach is our volunteer and philanthropic efforts with regard to the company’s focus on environmental sustainability. We focus it in three key areas:(1) Sustainable Transportation

November 9, 2011

Mapping Our Impact

In our day-to-day world of work, it’s easy to become so caught up in our own tasks that we lose sight of the fact that individually and collectively, we’re each playing a major role on a huge global stage. As FedEx team members, we’re part of a worldwide enterprise that not only has changed the way the world works but is helping to improve the world in many ways.

October 10, 2011

Aid – Who doesn’t need it?

In the course of one’s life, every human being is dependent on the aid of others on hundreds of thousands of occasions, whether during the tender age of children, because of physical or mental incapacity, or simply because individual circumstances necessitate assistance. In most cases, these people receive the required help: parents lovingly care for their children, the husband or wife is close by when needed and even the states plays its part as helper.

January 10, 2011

Denny Hamlin scores checkered flag for different kind of race

While one kind of checkered flag eluded Denny Hamlin on November 22, 2010, his efforts in another race, on November 18, earned him another kind of checkered flag in my book. On Thursday, November 18, under all the pressures associated with the upcoming final race of the NASCAR 2010 Chase for the Sprint Cup - just four days away - Denny Hamlin chose to come out and participate in another kind of race, one associated with FedEx and our support for the American Red Cross: the Race to Prepare.

February 3, 2010

Making Mexican Cities Economically Competitive & Better Places to Live

FedEx would like to introduce Nancy Kete, the Director of EMBARQ (The WRI Center for Sustainable Transport), an agency who recently received funding support from FedEx for sustainable transportation in Mexico.  Nancy oversees a network of Centers for Sustainable Transport in Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, India and the Andean region, which work with cities on mass transit projects, public space improvements and cycling and pedestrian initiatives.

January 16, 2010

FedEx Team Members Delivering Help & Hope

Tomorrow the first of many FedEx charter flights loaded with relief supplies will be touching down in the Dominican Republic – delivering desperately-needed medical equipment, food, water and other materials to the victims of Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake. Over the next several days, more than 155 tons of donated supplies will be shipped to Haiti via FedEx as part of our disaster relief efforts with organizations such as the American Red Cross, Heart to Heart International, Direct Relief International, Water Missions and World Vision.