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January 31, 2012

Students get real-world global lessons from FedEx

The International Business Academy is a unique program, tailored for students who are interested in pursuing a career in business.  This year, we were looking for a company who would be willing to work with, assist, educate, and inspire our students. We found that, and more, in FedEx.

December 29, 2011

FedEx to the rescue for Santa

During a recent book reading at Thurgood Marshall School, Washington, D.C., FedEx team members were asked if FedEx can help Santa. “What if a reindeer gets sick?” “What if Santa’s sleigh breaks down?” “Can Santa use FedEx trucks?” In every classroom, unknowingly the volunteers all said the same thing that FedEx will do whatever it takes and for them not to worry. Smile. Wink.  

December 12, 2011

Passionate and creative students from Ecuador win coveted FedEx Access Award in Bogota, Colombia

After creating companies from the ground up, electing officers, thinking up and producing new products or services, creating sales and marketing plans, selling stock, selling products and services, and liquidating their enterprises, students from across Latin America and the Caribbean came together in Bogota November 30 – December 2 to compete for the Junior Achievement Americas Company of the Year award and for the FedEx Access award.  

May 25, 2011

[Video] Teach for America

I was honored to participate recently in the “Teach for America” program at the Paramount School of Excellence in Indianapolis.  Spending time in Mr. Hodge’s Fifth grade class was a tremendous experience for me. His passion and dedication to teaching and his students was inspiring. The children’s quest for knowledge was motivating.

May 10, 2011

Why I Teach

Since 2007, FedEx has provided over $1.5M in cash and in-kind shipping in support of Teach For America’s national and regional operations, including sponsoring a summit on educational inequity, sponsoring a speaker series about race and education, and support for the Teach for America national diversity and inclusiveness program.

May 6, 2011

Hugs and High Fives from Students at Smothers Elementary

School Principal, Shannon Feinlatt's voice cracked and her eyes welled up with tears as she talked about how difficult it is to find resources and volunteers for a school in need like hers. We were only the second group of volunteers in her 1.5 year term. She said for scholars who may have no books at home, the gift of new books and the new reading corner will change their lives, and that she was so thankful for our donation of time and resources.

May 5, 2009

Re-Thinking the School Bus

Three Cheers for the bus driver, the bus driver, the bus driver... It's iconic and a staple of many children's school days. From the hippie bus driver in the front to the elite section in the back, school buses have been an essential part of many people's educational experience. However, communities from as far as Italy to cities here in the U.S. are re-thinking the bus (or car) as the only way to get to school. Is the school bus going the way of lunchroom soda machines?