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Taking innovation to new heights with the FedEx Boeing 777

June 8, 2011

At FedEx, we thrive on game-changing ideas and solutions — especially when it comes to opening up global trade opportunities  and improving the way the world does business. So it’s no surprise that our newest fleet of Boeing 777 Freighters does just that by flying direct to more  international destinations than ever before, reducing transit times to key global markets by as much as one full business day. Find out how the FedEx Boeing 777 freighter can help your business.
We introduced the fleet in February 2009 and have already deployed several of these ultra-fast, über-efficient freighters. Why are we going the extra mile? Here’s a look at why we continue to invest in the Boeing 777 Freighter.
Efficient design. We’re constantly working to reduce our carbon footprint, and the Boeing 777 Freighter supports our commitment to the environment with:
· 24 percent better fuel economy per pound of revenue payload than the 747-400.
· 18 percent fewer emissions than the MD-11 (McDonnell Douglas).
· Advanced noise reductions on landings and takeoffs.
Top performance.  It’s the longest-range twin-engine freighter in the world, with a flight range of about 6,675 land miles — or nearly three times the distance between the east and west U.S. coasts. That means fewer stops and shorter cargo delivery times for businesses looking to reach their trade partners and customers faster. Plus, the Boeing 777 Freighter’s payload capacity of 112 tons — or 102 metric tons — lets us fly more freight farther than ever before. 
Direct access. We’ve made faster export service from the  U.S. to the Middle East and Asia a reality. Thanks to the Boeing 777 Freighter, we’re now the only express carrier that offers nonstop service from the U.S. to the Middle East. And it’s allowed us to cut transit times from the U.S. to South Korea by one day, as well as fly direct to major cities in  China, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. So it’s now easier and faster to reach customers in these key markets.
The Boeing 777 Freighter has so many benefits, so it was a no-brainer for us to make it a mainstay at FedEx. For more about the Boeing 777 Freighter, check out this video:

The Competitive Advantage of a 777

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