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Tech Minutes from FedEx: Sam the Robot

June 5, 2017

Meet Sam, a FedEx team member who happens to be a robot.

Sam is a Savioke Relay robot used by FedEx TechConnect at FedEx Office in Manhattan. See how Sam navigates the office, helps co-workers, and can even operate elevators to run errands in this prototype testing environment.

This is the first in a series of technology videos from FedEx, featuring a broad range of innovative ideas.



    Joseph says:

    A great Company helping hand. Safe, friendly and absolutely Awesome.

    Juan Ortega says:

    Sam is necesary interface beetwin humans and machines

    Eric Ballejo says:


    Anonymous says:

    Quite impressive! I agree, the sky is the limit.

    sk rostam ali says:

    very helpful for a startup with new machine with new ideas. Thanks

    Kimberly Hyrne says:


    Anonymous says:


    Chandra Butler says:

    Wow that’s awesome!!!

    mark petrizzio says:

    Simply put: Unbelievable !!

    mark petrizzio says:

    Simply Put: Unbelievable !! Oh almost forgot, I want 1

    Raja says:

    More helping hands! Way to go!

    Marie Barka says:

    Thats Awesome !

    Theresa Perry says:

    Wow…Sam is another way on how we make Ever Experience Outstanding!!!

    Tatiana says:


    Diego Salazar says:

    SAM is amazing, Thank you so much Fedex !! 5 STARS

    Shahbaz Kagzi says:

    Awesome: I like it

    Shanitra says:

    This is SO awesome! I’m proud to be a part of this company!

    Shawn says:

    SAM is truly amazing and the new technology is both inspiring and helpful for getting things done!

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