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Tech Minutes from FedEx: Sam the Robot

June 5, 2017

Meet Sam, a FedEx team member who happens to be a robot.

Sam is a Savioke Relay robot used by FedEx TechConnect at FedEx Office in Manhattan. See how Sam navigates the office, helps co-workers, and can even operate elevators to run errands in this prototype testing environment.

This is the first in a series of technology videos from FedEx, featuring a broad range of innovative ideas.



    Joseph says:

    A great Company helping hand. Safe, friendly and absolutely Awesome.

    Juan Ortega says:

    Sam is necesary interface beetwin humans and machines

    Eric Ballejo says:


    Anonymous says:

    Quite impressive! I agree, the sky is the limit.

    sk rostam ali says:

    very helpful for a startup with new machine with new ideas. Thanks

    Kimberly Hyrne says:


    Anonymous says:


    Chandra Butler says:

    Wow that’s awesome!!!

    mark petrizzio says:

    Simply put: Unbelievable !!

    mark petrizzio says:

    Simply Put: Unbelievable !! Oh almost forgot, I want 1

    Raja says:

    More helping hands! Way to go!

    Marie Barka says:

    Thats Awesome !

    Theresa Perry says:

    Wow…Sam is another way on how we make Ever Experience Outstanding!!!

    Tatiana says:


    Diego Salazar says:

    SAM is amazing, Thank you so much Fedex !! 5 STARS

    Shahbaz Kagzi says:

    Awesome: I like it

    Shanitra says:

    This is SO awesome! I’m proud to be a part of this company!

    Shawn says:

    SAM is truly amazing and the new technology is both inspiring and helpful for getting things done!

    Katari says:

    If this kind of service is enhanced at automated Kiosk center to collect & VAN services- that would be great profit for Purple.

    Matthew Branham says:

    Amazing technology! However, the sky is not the limit. We need to accept the fact there are no limits. Keep going higher on an endless level of height with no restraints.

    Sridhar Chappidi says:

    FedEx Dot….Amazing and the coolest thing I have heard in the recent days.
    Great idea!!! *****

    ANA M GARCIA says:

    This is SO nice! I’m proud to be a part of this company!

    R.NEHRU says:


    Lucien M. says:

    Very cool!!!

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