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Thank you, Bluegrass Delivery of KY, Inc.

November 11, 2013

It would probably be a mistake to say that Bluegrass Delivery of KY, Inc. hires veterans simply because its owner, Roland Baxley, served in the United States Navy. Nonetheless, the military connection is strong: “I want to help out veterans,” Roland says.

Bluegrass Delivery of KY, Inc. is a company that provides pick-up and delivery services for FedEx Ground. Roland served in the Navy between 1982-86. He was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal by the Commander of the Sixth Fleet in 1986 for his service in the admiral’s command center during the airstrikes against Libya.

After his service, Roland’s hard work and dedication translated well into various entrepreneurial, professional and academic ventures. He ran his own fuel tax reporting and permitting business, oversaw 50 employees as a senior customer service manager for a national insurance company and received his B.A. in business administration from Roanoke College at 42 years old.

Roland started his small business with one truck in 2007. Bluegrass Delivery of KY, Inc. currently owns eight trucks and has 6 full-time employees. Three of its employees are currently serving in the National Guard. In addition, one other employee is a Navy veteran and two of the business’ temporary seasonal drivers are National Guard veterans.

Like many other business owners, Roland has seen the inherent potential in men and women who have served in the military. “They make excellent employees,” he says. They have a “high degree of professionalism” and are “driven to succeed.”

Employing veterans is rewarding but can also be a challenge if those employees get deployed. In fact, Roland was recently notified that one his company’s employees will be deployed for one year in 2015. Given the importance of a driver’s knowledge of a given area for proper pick-up and delivery, it’s an obstacle for Baxley to overcome—but not an insurmountable one. And he always makes sure the employee’s job is open when he or she gets back.

It boils down, again, to this: “I want to help out veterans for their service,” he insists. “It’s the least I can do to show them my appreciation.”


    MayLyn says:

    I sure enjoyed reading about Bluegrass delivery and to know that it is a shipping service for FedEx Ground for the veterans. That is special!



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