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Thanksgiving Special Delivery by FedEx

December 2, 2008

This is the fifth year FedEx Special Delivery joined forces with the Washington Redskins Harvest Feast, a food distribution event at FedEx Field.  The program, supported by Operation Blessing distributes 36,000 pounds of turkey and 90,000 pounds of food to residents of Prince George’s County, Maryland.

This year more than 70 FedEx employees came together with more than 300 other local volunteers to help the community living around FedEx Field.

As I was talking with it was obvious that FedEx volunteers count this event as one of their favorites.  Some employees, like Jim Lynch, Rich Twilley and Stephanie Williams helped put turkeys into bags.   Other volunteers, like Pamela Griffith-Smith and Ashlee Brown put together packages containing toothpaste, teddy bears and band aids for children.

Here’s what some FedEx Volunteers had to say:

  • “There were turkey’s everywhere!” – Leroy Scrivens.
  • “Volunteering is great during the holidays.” – Ashlee Brown
  • “It is a humbling experience. We have warm homes to go to, with food in them.  Or we can go to the store and get food.  These people are here in the cold and the wind to get their Thanksgiving dinner.”— Pamela Griffith-Smith

After two and a half hours of preparing bags, FedEx volunteers cheered the arrival of Redskin’s players Lorenzo Alexander and Chris Cooley.  Alexander and Cooley worked hand in hand with the FedEx team to load more than 400 bags of groceries into the FedEx Special Delivery truck.  Cooley then jumped into the truck and helped to delivery the groceries to four local shelters.  FedEx Special Delivery volunteer Eric L. Perry reflected “it was a great day.”

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