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The Chase is On: Cheer for the FedEx Team this Fall

September 14, 2012

Denny Hamlin

Hello race fans! It’s that time of year again, when all the hard work put in by our FedEx team throughout the season will hopefully pay off in the Chase for the Sprint Cup championship.

I’m excited for this year’s Chase because I think our team has a great shot at winning it all. Darian Grubb, my crew chief, has put together a championship-caliber team and we have all the pieces in place to make a run for the big prize.

We’re starting the Chase as the top seed, thanks to our four wins during the regular season. I’m encouraged because our wins came on all different types of race tracks — two of which we will go back to in the Chase. We won earlier this year at Phoenix, a unique mile-long race track, and Kansas, a mile-and-a-half track, two places we’ll visit during these next 10 weeks. Our other two wins came in the last three weeks — at Bristol and Atlanta — giving us a lot of momentum heading into Chicago this weekend.

This is my 7th season competing in the Chase, and I have learned something from each year that I will try to apply this time around. The Sprint Cup Series is so competitive that you can’t afford to have any bad weeks in the Chase. Hopefully we can maximize our finish each race and capitalize on opportunities to win races for the extra bonus points. We saw last year in the battle between Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards that every point counts.

I want to personally thank all of the FedEx team members for their support of me and the race team throughout the season. I was fortunate enough to visit a handful of FedEx locations this year, and getting to meet so many of you really motivates me to perform my best on the race track.

You can become a part of the FedEx Racing team by posting a comment below, and it may be put on our pit wall banner for the Kansas race on Oct. 21.

Again, thank you for the support of the #11 team and I’ll see you in Victory Lane!


* Selected comments submitted by Oct. 9 will be placed on a pit wall banner along with your first name, if provided. Please limit the number of characters in your message so we can include as many messages as possible.


    mark j hubing says:

    Good luck Denny! It has been a joy watching you and the Fedex team again this season. Thank you for all that you do for Fedex.

    Ron Merriman says:

    Hey Denny and Team Fedex. Way to go for the 7th year in a row. You are great and i love to watch each week. Run hard, because i have a bet with my two brothers that you will win the chase befor Kasey Kahne does. So dont let me down Thanks for a great season Ron Merriman Mcirt

    Ron Merriman says:

    Hey Denny and team, your are great to watch Run Hard. Ron Merriman mcirt

    Joy Bogan says:

    Thanks for visiting us at Custom Critical! Having a great year and the Chase will be the icing on the cake! Joy

    Janet says:

    1st of all Darian thank you so much for becoming a part of our FedEx family. You are exactly what Denny needed. Denny you are absolutely, positively, AWESOME !! This is your year. Give yourself the best Birthday present ever by winning this Championship.

    Kelly Staggs says:

    Denny makes FedEx proud! Bring home that trophy! The #11 says, “Race me, chase me, catch me if you can!”

    Susie says:

    Good Luck Sunday Denny! What another GREAT year for you! We’ll all be watching and cheering from Memphis!! Go #11 Go!

    Terrie Maley says:

    Denny & the Joe Gibbs DREAM TEAM! Best of luck – the entire FedEx Family is with you 100%. You deserve the trophy & we look forward to celebrating your victory!!

    Denise says:

    Keep them chasing you Denny!!!! We are so very proud of you!

    Darnell Calhoun says:

    Everyone here at the Tempe, AZ FedEx Ground facility is rooting for you. Good luck in the Chase!!!

    David Scarr says:

    We’re all very proud of you, Denny! Now finish strong and “deliver” the Cup!

    John Masem says:

    We are all proud of you from the DPKA station in Hicksville, NY! Best of luck in the chase! Kick some tail!

    Jay Rollins says:

    Good luck, Denny, and thanks for a great year as our #1 Wheel Man. Go #11 Go.

    MayLyn says:

    Denny I wish you the best of luck in the next race! I have always admired you for how kind you are to others, keep up your racing while working at FedEx, and I would just love to meet you sometime! You are such a strong role model to me and I have to say stay on the FedEx race team!
    I can’t wait for more racing and I will be voting for you to win! Thanks to FedEx and the wonderful volunteer work that I do everyday I wouldn’t be were I am at now and I have to say that all the FedEx volunteers are so much fun to work with and I love all of you guys at FedEx!!!!!!!!!!

    Deirdre says:

    There’s no doubt in my mind, I know you will win it! Congratulations in advance!

    Kathryn Biddle says:

    Denny, luck is not needed when you have the experience you’ve gotten over the past several years! The FedEx way is to get better year over year finding new ways to improve and be the best! FedEx Family is proud to be your sponsor and you can count on us to ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, Cheer you on through out the entire CHASE! Go Get EM’ # 11!

    Annie says:

    You can win this Championship Denny. i have the faith in you so lets go!

    Kaylee Roberts says:


    Candie says:

    GOOD LUCK DENNY! As your #1 fan i no you can do this. Give em hell! Keep em chasing! <3 #11

    Wendy says:

    Good luck Denny! You’ve had a great year and hope to see you bring home the big trophy!

    Jamie says:

    Denny, I’ve been a fan of yours since your then Busch Series days. Go get’em, Mr Champ! 🙂 Good luck!

    nichole bullard says:

    I have no doubts that you will win the championship this year, you are hungry for it. i have faith in you as a driver and faith in your team all together, i wish you the best of luck and will pull for you all the way! just remember your number one twice over, thats why you drive the #11….congrats on a winning season this year and i most defently looking forward to the next season already

    Kaylee Roberts says:


    Renee says:

    Go Denny and 11 team.

    terry says:

    go denny i have faith in you and the crew

    Cameron E Grimm says:

    Denny it’s your time to win this. We all are behind you supporting you.

    April says:

    Don’t stop believing, Team Denny! You can do this! 🙂

    Lady Tee 11 says:

    It’s yours. Congrats in advance Mr Hamlin. You rock!

    Faith says:

    Go Denny Hamlin and the #11 team! you are doing great! win the chase!

    Faith says:

    Go Denny Hamlin and the #11team! you are doing great! win the chase!

    Linda says:

    Denny and the FedEx #11, from Collierville, TN… We know you can do it!
    You have the talent and the will! Just keep gas in the tank and you guys will be fine! 😉

    bonnie Skiles says:

    Go, Denny and team 11, you can do it.

    Susie says:

    Go Denny Go! We are all so proud of you and your crew!! You still have 9 races! 4th position is good!! You are going to show them who’s the Best out there! We are ALL HERE CHEERING FOR YOU!! GO DENNY GO!! Your CHEERLEADERS from FEDEX are cheering the LOUDEST and the PROUDEST!! GO #11 GO!!! See you in Talladega!

    Richard Rainoshek says:

    We totally support Denny and the entire Fed Ex team. I have followed Denny since he has been with Joe Gibbs. He has not disappointed me yet. Go Denny winning is all we do.

    Theresa Bradford says:

    In our area we call 11:11 AM or PM “bolt uptight time”! So with the #11 car you are always ready to bolt upright and to the finish line first! Good Luck!

    Teressa says:

    Go Denny!! You can do it. It’s your time to take home the cup, will be rooting for you thru it all..

    Cynthia says:

    I faithfully watch every race, even during confilcts with football season, there are two TVs on. You have what it takes to be the champion, and what a great birthday you’ll have in Victory Lane down here in Homestead. Godspeed to you and your team Denny!

    Dustin says:

    Just like FedEx, Denny Always Delivers!

    Preetty Fast says:

    Congrats on making the Chase yet again . Lucky number 7!! When you win it all in Homestead will you do the “Dougie” in Victory Lane ?

    Cindy says:

    The FedEx team has rocked this year! Go Team!

    sonja coulter says:

    Denny..have watched you from the beginning of your racing career..always wanted you to do your best and you did. Now as a Cup your best and will be rooting for or whatever :). You are one hell of a driver and even more of a man. Good Luck in your future.

    Lori Nizolek says:

    Go 11 team! Follow the yellow brick road to the cup. True champions.

    ROXANNE HAYS says:


    Eden Noel says:

    It’s been a great season so far!!! With continued teamwork you will take the FedEx brand to victory lane in Homestead. See you there. Make this a Purple Promise Chase. Go #11 and team FedEx!

    Eden Noel says:

    From FedEx Office D109, Center 5014 in Boca Raton Florida we wish you fast travels to victory lane in Homestead! Go Denny!!!!!!

    Elizabeth Raimondi says:

    Denny___I’ve watched you from day 1, you just get beter and better!! The Chase is yours, Dude!! I’d STILL love a spring from one of your cars!! Take the Trophy–you’ve earned it!! 🙂

    Katie Downen says:

    It’s a win/win situation…Denny Hamlin and FedEx!

    Beth says:

    Congrats and way to show teamwork #11. GOOD LUCK and see you in Kansas!!!


    Note to Darian: STOP LETTING DENNY RUN OUT OF GAS!!!!!!!! I mean, dang!
    Denny, we love to hear you say “Thanks to all the FedEx employees” when you get interviewed! I’d just like to say THANK YOU, DENNY HAMLIN for being a great Nascar driver. Now go win you a championship!

    Ruth Hendershot says:

    GO #11 FEDEX team. Denny, you are a true champion and I will be in Homestead to see you raise that trophy.


    Loudon was BEAUTIFUL, BABY. Now THAT’S what I’m talking about! Congratulations on the win, Denny!!!

    Steve Fronapfel says:

    GO FAST!!

    sandy midiere says:

    denny, i have been a fan of yours from your start…..I have watched you gain more momentum with each year ..You got an awesome pit crew and crew chief… to watch you race! Good luck in the Chase!!! Hit another homer!!!

    Cyndi ROgers says:

    Denny you are of truly champion caliber! Congratulations to you and the FedEx team on a great year!

    Brent Zink says:

    Denny, Good luck in the Chase!! Best wishes from everyone at Fedex Ground in Indy.

    Dianna says:


    Chris says:

    Go Denny! Go JGR! Go #11 Pit Crew! and Go Team FedEx!

    Cindy Holland says:

    This is the year Denny to win it ALL! 2012!

    Teressa says:

    Be safe and drive fast!! Go Denny!

    Pat M says:

    Denny, focus on what you do best….DRIVE. Keep your aggressive style. Communicate with your pit crew at all times. The team has learned from the last race. We all have to put that behind us. Now, let’s go win some!

    mark coan says:

    DUDE, we FedEx 757 pilots go faster but
    you rock, we’ll be watchin from some hotel, some where.

    Keith says:

    Denny Hamlin, leading the way to another on time delivery and a first place finish.

    dawna suppa says:

    show them what the purple promise is DENNY

    diane packer says:

    denny,your drive,motovation,and confidence inspires me,keep fighting you will win,i can see it in your eyes,best of luck

    Diane Washington says:

    Congratulations on a sensational race to the championship. I love it when you dance. You are #1 Denny Hamlin

    Alfred Chavarria says:

    Denny look straight ahead at that checkered flag and dont look back……goodluck from all your friends at POCA station in city industry Ca.

    Tony Halfmann says:

    Double Down #11. Good Luck at the Hollywood Casino 400.

    Carlos Tirmai says:

    Denny, here at FedEx Express at the MCIR we know that at the end you will be the CHAMP. You have the ARROW on your hood so we know that no one can stop you. GO TEAM HAMLIN AND FedEx.

    Carlos Tirmai says:

    Denny, here at the MCIR ramp, we all know that you are a true champion. We know that every Sunday you bring your A GAME. And you also have that ARROW on your hood so nobody will be in your way. GO FedEx TEAM. Good luck in the chase.

    Locksley Haynes says:

    GOD speed Denny, GOD speed.

    gary says:

    Way to go Denny…keep the pressure on those other teams.We here BWIRT(Baltimore)ARE RIGHT BEHIND YOU ALL THE WAY.Win that chase and take that championship.FEDEX RACE FAN.GARY

    Tommy Elliott says:

    Go Denny Hamlin #11 & Team FedEx – Congrats & Good Luck! See you in the Winners Circle!

    Matt Taylor says:

    FedEx and #11 – driving the Purple Promise home! Good luck in the Chase Denny!

    Barry Leonard says:

    Not a Nascar fan, but Fedex mean and has done wonders for my family, So Denny best wishes to you and let them know what “team work can do!” GO FEDEX!!!!!!!

    CODY says:

    GO DENNY! I’m your BIGGEST little FAN! My mom took me to ATL for my 1st NASCAR RACE! It was AWSOME! WIN WIN DENNY and FedEx PIT CREW! Bring it HOME! BRAVO ZULU!!

    LISA says:


    Alan says:

    Hey Denny, go fast, turn left, repeat!

    Mary Vaughan says:

    You and the team have really been a class act all year! #1 all the way! My husband is disabled with ALS and has progressed to where he can’t move anymore. He makes sure we watch all the races, interviews and practices to see how the team is doing. You may not realize that having something to cheer for like your team, really can make a difference to someone who is home bound. Thank you !

    Kevin says:

    Brand new station JDTA in Roseville MN will be watching and cheering you on in the chase.

    Amanda Hensley says:

    ZJOH/0376 is proud of your accomplishments! Bristol made us proud!!

    Rich says:

    We wish you good luck from your FedEx team mates in Florida!!

    Amanda Hensley says:

    Go Denny-Go-Go! Utilize the PURPLE PROMISE and you will win the CHASE!! TEAM ZJOH/0376

    lisa messinger says:

    Drive Fast, Drive Smart and Drive Safe
    most of all win, win, win!!
    D E N N Y

    Ron Harpole says:

    To The Top Baby… It’s not the Purple Heart, But the “Purple Promise” with the leadership of Joe Gibbs, the team support of the Pit Crew, and your Driving skills nothing can get in the way of our Championship, “Bring It On”

    Gordon Mathieson says:

    Good luck Denny – from the FedEx Express Team in Prestwick, Scotland

    David Willens says:

    Focus on positive,adapt to all situations and make improvements when possible=Goal

    Msvick says:

    Keep You eyes on the prize. Remember:

    God Bless Our Fedex Team

    Norm says:

    Denny, Fedex Services is behind you 100 percent. Great job this year and want to see the Championship Trophy on your mantle.

    Darcy says:

    Lucky #11! Be our hero and do your best! We support all your greast efforts to bring home the flag!

    Anita says:


    James Gowan says:

    Denny keep up the hard work and keep pushing too the front I work for Fed Ex and I whatch every race and you are doing well keep it up.JGL

    wendy says:


    Marc says:

    Best of luck to you Denny and team!

    Stephanie says:

    Win the chase Denny, Good Luck.

    Janet Hoard says:

    No pressure, but you are the only reason I follow Nascar. I even have a plate on front of my personal vehicle in support of you and the Fedex team. Thanks for all that you and your team do to make it enjoyable to watch. Be careful and good luck.

    Kathy Seabrease says:


    What a race Talledega was! Here’s hoping for a better outcome on the next race. Will be rooting for ya!

    Kathy Seabrease
    Orlando, FL

    Betty Saylors says:

    Go Denny!! Bring home the Chase Trophy that you and FedEx#11 so deserve!!

    Ron says:

    Way to go Denny, Go get em.

    Marie Gilbert says:

    Way to show that FedEx Freight Pride !!
    Keep that go get’em spirit !! You can WIN this !!

    Kevin Theroux says:

    Great Job at Dover. Very impressive run even though it didn’t end the way your wanted. Good job avoiding the big one yesterday!

    Troy says:

    Win it for the Fedex team. Move up the leaderboard like we move packages, Fast and with precision.
    best of luck from the ELH Freight team

    Don Krager says:

    Good luck Denny you have the tools to go all the way……

    Anne Gibleon says:

    Denny. You display the purple promise each time you compete.You make us all proud. Good luck from the fedex freight Qcy team!

    Eileen says:

    I will be cheering for you Denny and team FedEx #11, Hope you have a great race, be safe. A fan in Niagara Falls, NY.

    Sophia says:

    go denny, from the fedex remp kinr…to the wirll……

    Margaret says:

    wish you the best of luck



    Ron says:

    Fedex pit crew, one of the very best. Great job guys.

    Steve Swanberg says:

    FedEx is Absolutely Positively behind #11!

    Pat Henson says:

    You can do this, Denny. FedEx World Headquarters in Memphis will be watching and we’re behind you all the way – just as everyone else on the racetrack will be!

    Pat Henson says:

    You can do this, Denny. FedEx World Headquarters in Memphis is behind you all the way, just like everyone else on the racetrack will be!

    Greg Ryan says:

    You’ve come and log way Denny. This is YOUR YEAR make us proud as both Employees and Fans.

    Greg Huiras says:

    You have always been a class act and have always represented all Of the emplyees of Fedex with Integrity and Honor, In your racing. Good luck in Kansas and we will all Be Rooting you on.
    So do as Fedex does,Do it safe, with honor and integrity and the cup will be waiting for you at the finish line of the Chase, Just as the Fedex packages show up on the many door steps each day.
    Good Luck

    The Nunn's says:

    We believe in you Denny! This is your year!! Race On!!!

    Kat Gambill says:

    Thanks for coming to Alaska!
    Saw you win in Bristol this year. Hot weekend. Great Thunder (in and above the track) Hope you beat Jimmy (my husband is cheering for him….).

    Lorie Brown says:

    Remember to go out hard – you can’t make up time, but most of all, God speed!

    Scott Smith says:

    At Fed Ex…ALL WE DO IS WIN!!! Good luck Fed Ex race team from your fans at MGM 975!!!

    KIM KLIMEK says:


    norm says:

    Denny this is your year! You can win this, go finnish what you started in “2011”

    Sandra Vincent says:

    My prayers and thoughts are for you to have a blessed and successful race during the Sprint Cup Championship!!! Remember Phillipians 4:13- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

    Kim T. says:

    Well Wishes…and bring the cup on home.

    yulonda says:

    Keep up the good work Denny

    yulonda says:

    Keep up the good work

    Dee Rummel says:

    Wishing you the best from all of us at the Chattanooga station! Go Denny Go!

    T L Alberta says:

    The CSA feeder pilots are cheering you on, go Denny!

    Kim Dyke says:

    Hey Denny,All the employees at MWOA in Miamisburg OH say ” Go Denny Go!!!! ” We’re rootin’ for you!

    Jamie Green says:

    Good luck Denny, we love watching you and the Fedex Team..we will be cheering you on!

    Troy Davis says:

    INDRT, Time to finish strong! All the way DENNY!

    Paula Agen says:

    Good luck in the Chase Denny! Even the folks here in Buffalo, NY are watching faithfully. Be safe and bring home a win!!!

    Orlando says:

    You have the experience now Denny. Be patient and let the others make the mistakes and the Sprint Cup Championship will be ours!!! Drive Safe and Good Luck.

    LUIS A. GONZALEZ says:

    go Deliver a win and pick up the Trophy ………….

    Jim Hernandez says:

    Good luck and be safe to you Denny and the rest of the FedEx team!

    Paul Porter says:

    Good Luck from the Aircraft Engine Shop in MEM. If you want to borrow an engine, let us know.

    Greg Minor says:

    Keys to a Denny Hamlin win: Slap that “Freight” on the side of the car and floor it!

    Don Raaff says:

    watch you every weekend, your a great driver. Keep up the good decision making and you and your team will win the Chase. The number 11 team and Fedex team make a great combanation.
    Good Luck, Don

    Suzanne Melton says:

    Good Luck Denny. My son wears your #11 in softball and he is proud. GO FEDEX!!!!!

    Lars Aachmann says:

    Hi Denny. A ” GOOD LUCK ” Here from Copenhagen Denmark. We don´t have Nascar in Denmark, but i´m really a fan 🙂 GO FOR IT.,,

    Lori Christian says:

    I am proud to be on your team! Lead ’em on and let them “chase” you. Go Denny!!

    Tammy Albrecht says:


    Lori Christian says:

    Proud to be on your team! Lead ’em on and let them “chase” you!! Go Denny!

    Lawrence Bullard says:

    What a wonderful world we live in to be able to be put in this position to reach towards the ultimate success as a team as #11 goes for number ONE!

    tamatha spivey says:

    Go Denny! I have a young lady who is coaching my daughter in gymnastics her name is Victoria, she is Great and she is your Biggest Fan! We think you are AWESOME! GO Fedex Team!!

    Randy Walters says:

    We are all pulling for you at the Harrison Arkanas GO. You make us proud!

    susan reid says:

    Go Denny!!! you can bring the trophy home!!

    Juanita Hampton says:

    Well Wishes to the FedEx team and Denny!! You make us all proud!!

    Tim Wing says:

    Show them how fast PURPLE can really go!

    Jose Fausto says:

    May Lady Luck smile upon you and the #11 team.From Charlotte to Homestead you will steer to victory every chance available.
    Godspeed Denny

    Laura and Jerry says:

    May you see every other car in your rear view mirror!

    Joe Kimmes says:

    There’s no need to CHASE when you’re the lead man! Good luck Denny!

    wendell says:

    You’r having a great year.With the super FEDEX cars and your superb team,we at ZTYRT in philly will be cheering you on to the top.

    Debbie Perkins says:

    Danny my family and I wish you the best of luck. You are truly someone kids can look up to. We enjoyed seeing you and having our picture made with you when you were here a few years ago with the St. Jude Tournament. Even though your car number is 11, you are number 1 to your fans.

    JOHN ASHMON says:


    helen says:

    Best Of Luck Denny
    High Hopes for Victory Lane are aplenty.
    The FedEx Team is counting on you
    To deliver a victory all the way thru !

    Darnell Calhoun says:

    Everyone here at ZTMP/0852 wishing you the best of luck in the Chase. See ya at Phoenix International Raceway.

    Bill Klassen says:

    Drive for Perfection! It’s the FedEx way.

    Charlie Skaug says:

    It’s great to see our NASCAR driver moving as fast as our couriers. Deliver it, Denny!

    Charlie Skaug says:

    Deliver it, Denny!

    Deborah Taylor says:

    GO DENNY!!!! We the team of FedEx Freight Oakland are rooting for you to go all the way!!!


    Go Denny Go!!!

    Alice in Anchorage, Alaska is watching and so is my family in NH, some of them were even there to see you win. BravoZulu!

    Jan Payne says:

    On time to the finish line! Good Luck from FTC Packaging Services!

    Misty says:

    Denny Hamlin:
    I have enjoyed watching you race and I hope that you keep driving the way that you are. You are an inspiration to all young people. I wish you the best of luck on October 21, 2012. Darian Grubb is a great crew chief and you guys are awesome.

    florence lacasse says:

    hoping that this year will be the CUP for Denny. I have been a fan since 2004 when I joined the Fedex team. the highlite of my being a fan is that i went to dover and met denny & joe in person. a time i will never forget. this is the year!!!!!

    Bob says:

    Denny and FedEx…The “TOTAL” package

    Don Lombard says:

    Been a fan since you had a yellow bumper! Many winning left turns! Good luck. FedEx IT loves Nascar!

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