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October 20, 2010

Hi FedEx Team Members –

Well, we’re coming to the end of the 2010 season and while it’s been an awesome year so far – it’s by no means over. Six wins and a lot of great moments have the #11 FedEx Racing team in the thick of the 2010 Chase for the Sprint Cup and I am writing today to tell you we are focused on bringing home a championship. Rest assured everyone at Joe Gibbs Racing wants to deliver a Sprint Cup championship to our friends and fans at FedEx.

For those of you who haven’t been following this season, we rebounded from a slow start on the track, and a significant injury to my left knee that required surgery, to go on quite a run through the late spring and summer months.  Wins at Martinsville, Texas and Darlington paved the way for additional triumphs at Pocono and Michigan. One last regular season win at Richmond sent us into the Chase leading in the points and since then we’ve run almost side by side with Jimmie Johnson and the #48 team. We have a great team, the best fans in NASCAR and we like our chances.

Away from the track the FedEx Racing team continues our race to serve the community. By taking the excitement of racing into the community, and with some help from our friends and partners at the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army, we have been able to share information about FedEx’s role in preparing for disasters and also pitching in when disaster strikes. In cities across the country, we have visited with school-aged children and put on “Racing to Prepare” clinics to help them prepare for disasters of all kinds – including a very important race to make their own disaster preparedness kits.  In Boston this summer, I was joined by Mayor Thomas Menino as FedEx presented the Salvation Army with a Disaster Relief Unit to help serve in times of need. Amazingly, it’s was the 13th vehicle of its kind to be donated by FedEx to Salvation Army chapters around the United States, and around the world.  Anyone at Joe Gibbs Racing can tell you how much it means to us to represent FedEx and support all FedEx does in the community. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet team members at the facilities where they work, at employee gatherings at the race track and even along the routes where they deliver.

We are asking all FedEx team members to be a part of the Chase and send the #11 team their encouragement and best wishes – and like last year we’re going to collect them all and put them on the pit wall banner that will hang in the #11 pit stall at Phoenix.  Your words definitely give the #11 team yet another reason to push for a win and you can simply post a comment below by November 1 for inclusion.  Please limit the number of characters in your message so we can include as many messages as possible.  

I look forward to reading the messages as we approach some big upcoming weekends for this FedEx Racing team.  Until next time, know that we are racing for you.


NOTE: Post your thoughts in the comment section below, and your message will be added to the banner that will hang in the FedEx Racing pit stall in Phoenix.


    Chris says:

    Get ’em Denny and FedEx #11 team at JGR!

    z$ says:

    Congrats DH and team on a great year and hope we can finish this championship run off.

    Francois LAPLACE says:

    Go Denny….You re going to pass Jimmy…
    You ve got a lot of French supporters…
    We are all with you..Take care…Francois

    Janet says:

    You are ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY the MAN that can take that Championship trophy home this year !! 5 in a row I don’t think so JJ !! Denny we are so proud of you & I know you guys can go all the way !! I am so sure of it that I am going to my very 1st live race down in Texas & can’t wait to see you in action. Go get’em Denny !!!

    Bryan says:

    Get R’ Done Denny! Keep Truckin’ Along!
    Team FedEx Freight

    Janet says:

    You exemplify what we at FedEx live by, Absolutely Positively. I have been a fan of yours since you started racing for FedEx and Joe Gibbs racing. Keep up the great work. You are the best out there and I know you will beat Jimmy, Absolutely Positively!

    Scott Johnson says:

    Rock On team #11!! Bring us home the Championship!

    Mike Fletcher says:

    Congrats to Denny and the FedEx #11 Team on a fantastic year! Best of luck in bringing home the Sprint Cup championship.

    Beth says:

    Go Denny! I think your strategy this year is dead-on and you will end up #1. My husband has been a Nascar fan for years, but I’ve only watched since you started in the #11. We watch the races together now and both root for you to win. Can’t wait for you to unseat Jimmy!

    Scott McNamara says:


    Dave says:

    Thank you JGR and # 11 Denny Hamlin and the FedEx racing team for a exciting year. The Pacific NW and the Team @ Sear and Seart want you to know we are behind you to the end. Now go get that trophy. you deserve It!!!

    Melissa says:

    Good luck to Denny and the #11 team! Stay out of trouble and the team will be celebrating a championship!

    Janine says:

    Take the checkered @ M-ville! Y’all can do it!

    Matt W says:

    If there is any team out there that can beat the 48, it’s absolutely positively the 11 team. You got this Denny!

    Jason McCallister says:

    Congats to the FedEx Racing team for your success so far this year! Keep up the great work!

    Sadie says:

    Congratulations to the 11 team for all of the success this year. And good luck for the rest of the Chase. Grab that trophy.

    Kyle Jackson says:

    Keep it up Denny! Someone has got to challenge the #48

    Jamie says:

    Go get’em Denny!!! I cheer my heart out every weekend for you and I know you will be the 2010 Sprint Cup Champion!!!!!!!!!

    Tissy says:

    GO DENNY!! Congrats on a GREAT year so far…..We know you can do it!!! 🙂

    Jim Van Matre says:

    No one needs five championships in a row, this ones for us. It’s been a great season and theres no reason we shouldnt take home the cup. Keep doing what you’re doing cuz you’re doing it well.

    Valerie says:

    WIN WIN WIN #11

    Sharon Turco says:

    Dear Denny,

    It was such a pleasure to meet you and Joe when you came to FedEx World Headquarters in Memphis. We appreciate ALL that you do!!! We wish you much success!!! YOU can do it!!!

    May the Grace of God be with you!!!

    Sharon Turco

    frank says:

    Why did you block me on Twitter? I thought we were tight man. There is some tuna fish in the fridge. Good luck in the Chase. Knock’em dead kid.

    Denise says:

    Thank you Denny and JGR for being such wonderful partners and representing FedEx as you do! We ALL know you can win!!

    Mario Ayala says:

    Good Luck Hamlin and the #11 racing crew. Keep up the good work and race to Victory Lane!!!

    Jody says:

    Atta boy Denny!!!My wife and I have been FedEx employees in Canada for fourteen years, and have been your fans from the first day you stepped into the #11! Keep making us proud!

    charlie bianchi says:

    Go man, GO! I’m cheering for you each race, and am glad to see that your new-found patience is paying off! Hoping you and the FedEx team take home the Cup this year! Keep that #11 shiny!

    Randy Poe says:

    You said it best…..ALL WE DO IS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jim R. says:

    GO DENNY AND #11 JGR TEAM!! Congrats on a GREAT season!! Thanks for all you do and for giving us at FedEx another reason to be proud! Cheering you on for an AWESOME finish and a Cup Championship!!!

    Patti Stevenson says:

    Good luck Denny and the #11 team! Looking forward to seeing that chamionship trophy in your hands! You are the best team on the racetrack!

    John H. says:

    Denny, I have been @ Fedex for 23yrs now and I am a fan of the #24 car. You know who. And since Jimmy has five…GO DENNY!!!, hope you win one for the team and Fedex fans.

    Jackie Zissel says:

    Denny…You are the reason I watch Nascar Racing.
    Keep up the good work!

    Jackie Zissel says:

    Denny, You are the reason I watch Nascar Racing.
    Keep up the good work in and out of the #11 Car.

    Richard De Leon says:

    Denny, the team members from Store# 3605 (Evanston, Chicago) Wish you all the best of luck and we are proud to say that you represent FedEx…

    Phil Fowlie says:

    Thank you Denny, for representing us at FedEx with class and enthusiasm both on and off the track. Bring the Chase home to VICTORY LANE!!

    Anita Yoder says:

    Denny, my hubby and I are 30+ year employees of FedEx and I did not follow NASCAR until this year. You and the #11 team are the reason I started watching and I hope you are victorious in your “Chase for the Sprint Cup”.

    shelley says:

    Thanks Denny for being there for all your fans! I’m a 15yr employee. Can’t wait to see you take the cup this year!!!

    SHEILA HALL says:

    GO, DENNY, GO! Fedex and the #11 RULE. You are a very talented driver; go get ’em! GOOD-LUCK TO YOU, DENNY AND THE JGR TEAM!!! Let’s win this thing!!!

    shelley says:

    Hi Denny, Thank you for being there for your fans. Been with fedex 15yrs. Proud to see you in the fedex car. See you in victory lane!!

    kt says:

    Good luck with the rest of the chase! My daughter loves seeing the Fedex car on the track she thinks its so cool that where I work is on TV and has made her your biggest fan!

    ivelisse says:




    Janet says:

    Denny we are so proud to have you as the FedEx Driver #11.
    Its truly an inspiration to see where you have started and how far you have gotten.
    Your determination and perseverance is exactly what gives you the drive..
    Keep up the Great work and Go for the Championship….

    Jory Ohmer says:

    Good Luck Denny

    Good luck Denny and all the members of the #11 Crew “Best Race Team in Nascar”. Lets bring home the championship to JGR and Fed Ex!!!!

    Amy Zupkow says:

    #11 Team, thank you for representing the FedEx family and inspiring us each and every week! You, the entire team, make us proud!

    Mary Lynn says:

    The Cup is within reach!
    GO FOR IT! I am at the Oakland Hub and we are ALL cheering for YOU.

    John Brajner says:

    Las Vegas Loves Denny! All we do is Win both on the Track and with our Customers!

    Cyndi Rogers says:

    Congratulations on the year so far! You and the team have been doing a great job, and we wish you all the best and hopefully you will be the 2010 Champion, you deserve it. You are a wonderful representative for our company. Thank You! (and it wa great to see you win at Richmond!)

    Tina Adams says:


    Keep up the momentum and finish strong and safe!


    Joycelyn O. Eley says:

    I’ve been following your progress since you started for FedEx. I am so proud of you and the #11 FedEx Racing Team. You’re a WINNER! Keep it moving.

    Susan Krigbaum says:


    We all know you can come in #1!! You have got to beat Jimmy, Kevin, etc. I don’t sit down during a single race…pacing back and forth. We try hard to get there in person, but flying is about the only way to get there from Memphis. I pray for your safety and your win!

    Go number 11!! Also, love next years paint scheme!!


    james l hansen says:


    Bonnie Regec says:

    Being a Nascar fan and in FedExVMX you know the support is going to Denny Hamlin! He give’s everything to the sport of racing, Thanks Denny!
    You make us proud.

    Miki Carden says:

    Thanks #11 Team! You guys have built a great season which has been very enjoyable to watch. Praying for your safety first and then the Cup championship.

    randy w says:

    “FedEx #11 is in it 2 win it!” Denny, the prize is absolutely, positively within grasp — best driver; best team; best fans; best car! Suit up and push #11 to the limit. You, that great team and that FedEx logo mean so much to us — we could not be prouder! Now, run to the front!

    JOHN ASHMON says:


    Heidi says:

    Best wishes from Buffalo, NY! We’re rooting for you and all of the #11 team. Thank you for inspiring so many people to strive for excellence by setting a fine example. We are very proud to have you as part of the FedEx team!

    Jerry Bettua says:


    Barbara Hendrix says:

    Great Job this year Denny!!! Best of luck to you for the remainder of the chase! I hope you kick the 48’s butt!!! You can do it!!!

    Dave Shank, Emp. 1586 says:


    I met you last year at the King’s Cup Race. I appreciate you taking the time to speak to me and autograph my pit shirt. You mentioned that you were tired of coming in second, I told you to hang in there, and shortly thereafter you won Pocano…(again)

    You are doing a great job this year, we are very proud of how you represent all of the FedEx opcos, and I personally am looking forward to seeing you hoist the Champions Trophy at Homestead!

    Lynne says:

    I have had the opportunity to see some of the retired cars at our FedexOffice locations and what a crowd they draw. Wishing you the best and the fastest….Good Luck

    Scott Smith says:

    PIAR Backs Denny and #11 TEAM !
    Congrats on a GREAT season!! Thanks for all you do and for giving us at FedEx another reason to be proud!
    Everyone at PIAR is watching to see you pass the 48 and take home the trophy.

    Sai Li says:

    Kick some butt hopefully in the Express car. Any Fedex car will do though!!

    DEB SHEARER says:


    DEB SHEARER says:

    GIT ER DONE Chase em down we here at FEDEX know you can and are rooting for you GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

    KRISTINA says:

    Just put on my new special order #11 New York license plates… showing my Denny Hamlin FedEx Racing Support in NYC!

    Drew Hix says:

    You Rule Denny JJ is dust!

    James Armstrong says:

    We believe in you !!! Make the blue and silver eat the marbles of the orange and purple !!!!!!!!!

    chuck coleman says:

    DETRT truck shops techs can’t wait to see you hoist the cup!

    chuck coleman says:

    DETRT FEDEX truck shop techs can’t wait to see you hoist the cup!

    Michael Duncan says:

    Denny, stay patience, run strong, and make your moves when you can. That’s what I like about your race style, you run back a little and are patience and calculated when you make your moves. Be safe, best wishes!

    ken kalata says:

    Awesome job this year have been my favorite driver since your first year in the cup have great Driving ability and a Great attitude. May God bless you and the FedEx team and give you victory.

    Absolutely Positively #1, go #11 to first place at the end of the season in Homestead. Go #11 at Courier P1 Cycle Speed…. Cheers….

    amy mcneill says:

    7 Pit Crew Members + 4 tires = 11. Keep up the great work guys!! Good Luck Denny!

    Ray Bassett says:

    Go Denny – we at FedEx are behind you 100% of the way. Show them what you’ve got!

    MGR. John Morrison says:


    We @ FedEx are all behind you and your team ! keep up the great fight.

    Dominique Bazinet says:

    GO DENNY The time has come for a new CHAMPION.

    Bob Weisberg says:

    STOP Johnson from getting a ring for his thumb.
    Sport needs a new Champion. Go and take it!

    thomas says:

    Denny win the chanpionship for the fedex trade networks family ( customs brokers for fedex), purple and gold would look great on the number 11 fedex toyota. good luck

    Show ’em all WE ARE IN IT TO WIN IT!!!

    JC says:

    Denny and Team FedEx,
    Sacramento is behind you 100% and is confident you can bring the Title home.You and the team have worked hard to get to this point and it has shown.The Time is NOW for a new Champion !!!
    Good Luck to the entire Team. Go Team 11

    Joyce Slater says:

    Denny, All you do is win. Bring home the championship for Joe Gibbs Racing and Fed-ex. Make this your year!

    Wendy Mundy says:

    Denny, I know you and the team can win it this year! Just go for it!!! You guys are awesome and have done a fantastic job! Good luck to you and the team…

    Darnell Calhoun says:

    Let’s go Denny!!!So close right now. The championship is coming to Team Fedex. Keep up the good work out there. Everyone here at the Ground station in Tempe, AZ is rooting for you.

    James Gowan says:

    Denny:It’s time to step it up and bring home this win you have been a Awesome driver for the fed ex team so dig down deep and lets pull it off…

    Betty Saylors says:

    Go Denny!! Great Job !! Looking forward to each race.

    Nora Kohnfelder says:

    FedEx Ground Pittsburgh is behind you, as should be Johnson and the rest of the pack — literally!

    Keep pushing and own this race!

    Andy Rutherford says:

    Awesome year Denny! It’s been a lot of fun to watch. Now, bring home the championship! Also, love the new paint scheme for next year.

    Fedex Laredo tx says:

    We are behind you 100% GREAT JOB!!!

    steve mullen says:

    win or lose its just a race. most important thing is to have fun.lets have fun. the wins will come…steve mullen (rdma station)

    Annette Collins says:

    Great job this year! I know you can win the championship!

    Richard H. Valencia, Jr. says:

    Here we go Denny! Bring home the Championship! Tempe, AZ has your back and we will be cheering for ya!!

    ZBRW says:

    We are behind you 100% GREAT JOB!!!

    Rosi says:

    My station thinks I’m nuts cuz my office has Nascar stuff all over it (even a tire) with most of it sportin’ #11!! I’m telling all of them you’re gonna be this year’s champ! Good luck and see you in victory lane!

    Debbie Hanna says:

    Hey Denny…AWESOME job this year…you rock!!! SMFRC says…GO GET EM !!!

    Brian M Ginardi says:

    Denny your #1, No matter where you end up your always number #1 be my standard you lead by example in a sport that is competive and dangerous my son thinks your are the best we only started watching NASCAR when he watch a race you won, keep racing hard and the title is yours

    sherry stegall says:

    Good luck Denny

    Marc Badnek says:

    Go Team FedEx! Time to show your true colors!

    Terry Schmitz says:

    Denny keep going I know you and the team can pull this out this year it’s all you guys.

    Matt Smith says:

    Find that extra gear Denny. Like FedEx at Christmas, we all find that extra gear to run through the tape and bring home success! The FedEx race team has made us all proud.

    TRICIA IEHLE says:

    I CAN! I WILL!

    Brandon Sampson says:

    Let’s Go Denny, it’s your time to bring home the Championship!!!!

    Cheryl Mulloon says:

    Awesome job! Keep up the great work and much continued success to you and your team!!!

    morris nantz says:

    All we do is WIN!

    Michelle Grossman says:

    May you not forget the infinite possibilities in yourself. May you use the gifts that you have received and May all others eat your dust! Good Luck from Everyone at ZSAL Seaford DE

    VGilding says:

    Keep the Shiny Side up, the Rubber Side down and the rest of the field in your Mirror.

    Michael Morel says:

    Come on Denny, beat that Johnson guy! Make FedEx proud in Gulfport, MS (ZGFP). Deliver us a championship!!

    Mark Tanner says:


    Michael Korgol says:

    Seize the moment! Preparations are complete and the results are proven. Now is the time; time to seize the moment! Each team member, like every second, matter! To the entire #11 FedEx Racing team, good luck! – Edmonton Canada.

    Tony Basham says:

    In Asia on business so won’t be able to watch the race this weekend and cheer you on to another victory at Martinsville. Starting on the pole…keep that # 48 in your rear view mirror….way back!!

    Terry says:

    Keep it up let’s knock Johnson off that pedistal.

    Cherie Norman says:

    My husband and I watch the races and always root you on!! Keep up the good work!!

    mujahidah ismail says:

    Go Denny!! You are part of the reason im glad to say i’m a Fedextarian!!! Many Fedex wishes to you..EWR(Heavyweight) CANT STOP WONT STOP!!!!!

    Tracey A. Peters says:

    great job today on your win in Martinsville,keep up the good work.The Champonship is just around the corner. Tracey Peters FEDEX Freight,Indy Shop

    tom saunders says:

    Fedex Trade Networks is behind you 100% , win the cup and dethrone jj as the top dog, petal to the metal and watch everyone else in the rearview mirror.

    Wrong Door says:

    Out With The Old Win With The New!!! Great job Denny. You said it you did it in Martinsville!!!! Wild Card is Next Be carefull Jimmy is sneaky. He will take you out just to get some more of that golden horseshoe. Great year.

    Cheryl Smith says:

    FXFC Team CBR wishes you good luck from north of the border. GO DENNY GO

    Dan Mullen says:

    Way to Go Denny! Everyone in Pittsburgh is pulling for you!

    Debbie Strong says:

    Keep up the good work!! You and your team deserve to win the championship!!!

    Charlotte Ayers says:

    Congrats, Denny & Crew! Awesome job this past weekend!!!

    Dianna Estes says:

    Hello from AR – GO DENNY GO!!!!

    Eric T. Campbell says:

    Denny, you are delivering the purple promise and making every FedEx 11 experience outstanding on the race track. Thanks, from the FedEx ground team in Crestview Florida.

    Tod Wilson says:

    Bring home the Championship for Team FedEx Freight (KCM/KCY)!

    Susan Redi says:

    Go Denny you are #1 you are the champ.

    Kathy says:

    Awesome win at Martinville, keep the focus on the prize! See you in Texas!

    Jennifer says:

    Congratulations Denny!!!

    I know you can win the season!!! Go FedEx!!!

    Macy McCormack says:

    Absolutely! Positively! Win!

    Ashley Keymer says:

    Denny you have done an amazing job racing this year and continue to be a great role model. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing you bring home the Championship. #11 truly is a lucky number and you are the best driver.

    Cliff Meinhardt says:

    Great Win Denny!!! What an exciting race. As a FedEx employee, I loved it when you put that UPS car down a lap. Just FYI, I refuse to shop at Lowes until you win the chase. Joe Gibbs Racing sponsors for life. I loved watching Kyle shove all those M&M’s in Jimmy’s muffler toward the end. (Haha)

    Brian Harris says:

    Way to go #11 FedEx Team! With the talent Joe Gibbs has assembled you can’t go wrong. Race clean and stay determined, this is your year!! Everyone at the FedEx World Technology Center in Collierville, TN will be cheering you on!

    Rodney says:

    Denny, In our world we say speed, following distance and driver distractions are leading causes for accidents. Good thing you don’t operate in “our” world. “Drive fast and take chances”. Good Luck #11, We’re proud of you and your entire team!

    Alex Wattay says:

    WOW ! What a great job you and the team did yesterday…..tire problems early on but you fought back….that is the mark of a true Champion ! I have not been much of a NASCAR fan but you are slowly converting me – kept switching the tube between you and NFL but as it got down to it – just left it on Martinsville….GREAT JOB DENNY !!!!!

    Eric Jacobi says:

    Good luck Denny! Checkered flags in your future!

    HOW ABOUT THAT ROCKET…..Denny last year I went to Talladega. I wore my FedEx racing jacket as other fans in support of who they are pulling for do. In the stands I had a few “other” fans around me in rivalry mode teasingly picking on me… At one point you fell way behind and someone said awwghhhhhhhhhhhhh it will take a rocket for Denny to get back up to the front… Little by little you kept passing one by one. As you finally moved into the #1 spot. I turned around to that fan who had teased me all day and I yelled HOW ABOUT THAT ROCKET!!!DENNY ROCK-IT

    Dana Smith says:


    Kevin Krawczyk says:

    This is the Year Denny!!

    Make it happen for Team JGR, #11, and FedEx.

    All we all do is WIN, keep it up.

    Alan Davenport says:

    Team FedEx, bring it Home! This is your year.

    Karen says:

    Goooo team Fedex! Shake n Bake! YOU ROCK DENNY!!!!

    Derrick White says:

    Jimmy Who?!
    Great victory in Martinsville. The FedEx Team in Salt Lake City is behind you 100%.

    Brian Bush says:

    Every Day is Race Day!! Go get the title that FedEx deserves.

    Tracy Lassonde says:

    As you predicted you would finish #1 in this last race, I’m prediciting you will finish #1 in the chase….

    diane packer says:

    your the man this year,get the champagne ready,,jj wont know what hit him.hamlin rules

    Kurt Luebbert says:

    Go Denny Go! Congrats on Sundays win! You and the Team did an awesome job!

    Lynn Sharpe says:

    Good luck guys! Always thrilling to see that FedEx #11 crossing the finish line in 1st place. Also thnaks for the great community work that all of you do.

    John Bennett says:

    Way to Win , 6 points out of first you can due it.

    Janet says:

    What “TIME” is it ?? What a great win at Martinsville Denny !! Coach, thanks to you & your team for giving Denny the equipment he needs to bring the Championship trophy home. You all are AWESOME & we are so proud of you. GO GET ‘EM Denny we know you can do it.



    andy langloss says:

    good win lets keep it up dont let them mess you up in the end we are a team great job

    Pat Franco says:

    GO DENNY GO! I have been following you all season and cheering you on from my TV set. You are an inspiration to all FEDEX employees…both on and off the race track.

    Jon Willis says:

    Outstanding job Denny!!! Thanks to you and all of your crew for giving us a season to brag about. Please, keep it up and close the deal. I would like to watch you get that trophy this year!

    Marcy says:

    Hi Denny and Team – The fans here at FedEx Colorado Springs are excited and rooting you all on! Go #11!!!

    Outstanding performance Sunday! Very exciting to watch! We won’t miss a race! Go all the way

    Susan Krigbaum says:

    Denny, I just knew you would win yesterday!!! But I was so nervous when you and Harvick went round and around for 1st!! I couldn’t watch!
    You are the ONLY one that can oust Jimmy…Keep the focus! 4 more to go!

    sharon says:

    Denny, You can do it! What an awesome driver we have to represent FedEx Freight. I have all the faith in you. If anyone can push Jimmie outta the way its you! All eyes fixed on you! Your the best! See you & the #11 car when you win the championship!!

    Sondra Brown says:

    Wishing Denny & the FedEx Racing Team a VICTORIOUS DAY!

    Debby Franklin says:

    Congratulations to Denny and the #11 team! Great win yesterday. The FedEx team is so proud of you. Wishing you your BEST DAY yet at Talledaga!

    I would like to wish Denny Hamlin and the FedEx Racing Team a VICTORIOUS DAY!

    Lisa Faust-Woodard says:

    The fans at FedEx are so proud of you! You have been GREAT this year and know you will be the top winner!

    Ina says:

    As an avid fan of NASCAR I am quite impressed with your drive and dedication. Injury and all you are doing a FANTASTIC JOB WITH #11 JGR. Enjoy the VICTORY LAP!!!!!!!!!!! Ina

    Madonna says:

    GOOD LUCK & go get’em!! Your fan in California!

    Mike says:

    Great season for team FedEx thus far, Martinsville’s fall rAce win might have been the best! 4 MORE RACES TO DETHRONE THE CHAMP! Let every know that “EVERYDAY IS RACE DAY” AT FEDEX AND JGR!!

    Tony Farrister says:

    Just wanted to say Great Job on the year so far Denny and congrats on the win at Martinsville!!!! It’s awesome to have yourself Mike Ford, and Joe Gibbs putting FedEx out there is such a positive light!!!! I will be pulling for you through the rest of the Chase just as I have been all year long!!!! Best Wishes

    Jill Long says:

    Way to go yesterday. I wish you and the team the best in the next 4 races.

    Greg Bauchman says:

    Go Denny!!!

    Kay Gilbert says:

    Way to go Denny!! You are doing an outstanding job and your FedEx family appreciates it!!! Keep it up and go all the way! We’ll be there with you every step of the way.

    Adam Olivarez says:

    Good Luck #11 All from West San Antonio 0781

    Diane Washington says:

    Stay focus…and determined…great things will happen….you are #1

    colleen says:

    Great Job Denny – I’m real proud of you. Go all the way

    Bev says:

    What a Year…you make us proud—good luck with finishing in the #1 spot. Go Denny!!

    Terry Sue says:

    Congratulations on an outstanding year so far! That Spring Cup belongs to you, Denny! Just 6 points behind in the Chase today and I know you will win!!!

    Amy VanBrocklin says:

    Dear Denny, I am a Fedex employee, but a Mark Martin fan,but my friend Barb Henning(70 years old) is your # 1 fan, and bets me $5.00 a week that you will place better than Martin.So far this season shes way ahead, and does not hesitate to rub it in, keep up the good work.

    Karen says:

    Good Luck Denny! Your Fedex fans are behind you all the way! Shake n bake! YOU ROCK!!!!

    Michele Muise says:

    TEAM – It’s been exciting all year cheering y’all on – now go get it!!

    Steve Steffens says:

    Go get ’em Denny! I want you to win the Cup!

    George Bastian says:

    Come on Denny, pls win this thing to make Diane and Chester happy

    Ryan says:

    Awesome race Denny! Most impressive win of the year, adjusting all day and pulling a JJ on JJ. Very Nice!!!!

    Jamie says:

    Hi Denny and #11 team…Outstanding race yesterday and on to Talledaga, proud of you!

    Kevin Johnson says:


    Congratulations on your recent win at Martinsville! Seven for the season! Thank you for all the excitement you generate and Thank You for representing FedEx in such a special way! We are rooting for you to win the Chase! You are definately right on course. GO DENNY GO!

    Manuel Garcia says:

    It may say Fedex on your hood but u still drvie a toyota… Go Chevrolet! Go Jimmie!

    Jose Fausto Rod says:

    The startegy by you and Commander Ford is paying dividends.The Goddess Fortuna will be with you on the superspeedway.Give Jimmy a run for the Title.
    Jose Fausto

    Michael Valenzuela says:

    One race at a time Denny! The entire crew did a great job again in Martinsville and your fans, the FedEx family and NASCAR fans everywhere are counting on you to take down the reigning champion in the 48 car. Good Luck and we’re all pulling for you….

    dawna suppa says:

    Way to go Denny delivering the fedex purple promise

    Hiram Shepard says:

    Go Denny! We’ve known for many years that Fedex is #1 and now your about to put the exclamation point behind it! What a great season. Bring it home and lets celebrate at Homestead!

    marie gilbert says:

    GO TEAM FEDEX… Denny you are showing them what we are all about !! Keep up the wonderful job let your crew know that we very proud of them too !! They are doing an amazing job for all of us, keeping FedEx within striking range…Keep watching we will win the Championship !!

    Mart says:


    I started this year to do dirt racing…you are an exemple to me thank you.

    Deanna Frock says:

    Congrats to Denny and the #11 team for all you’ve accomplished so far this season. Looking forward to seeing all of you celebrating a Championship in Miami and Las Vegas!

    bev hurley says:

    Best of luck to you Denny…You’re doin’ great!!

    Maggie Smith says:

    Yay Fedex team!! Denny my 4 year old son absolutely adores you! We know you’ve got the Sprint Cup all wrapped up!! Go #11!!

    RUEL says:

    LAXBC wishes you the best this year. Go DENNY you deserve to be the Sprint Cup Champion for 2010. This will be our year for #11.

    Way to go Denny deliver the purple promise

    Melissa Brown says:

    You have done an AWESOME job this season!!! Keep it going!!!

    Herb vanHunnik says:

    Go Denny! Let’s wrap this championship up in Phoenix! I’d love to be a part of the celebration!

    Beverly Terrell Goines says:

    Woo hoo! Go Denny! I’m so proud of your success this year with the #11 FedEx Team. BTG

    Denny, you have 1 delivery to make. Deliver the CUP on time….

    Carlos Ruesch says:

    It’s alread determinated: You will be the winner of this season man!; But you and the #11 team have to become it reality with a great job, many people are trusting you…good look and rock and roll!!!

    Barbara Douglas says:

    You go Denny. You’re superior!!! You’re with the FEDEX team. You have our support here in Fishersville, VA (STN center)

    Dan Sheffer says:

    If anybody can take out the beast that drives the 48 car, it’s our man Denny. See if you can get some “help” from 18.

    Carlos Ruesch says:

    I’ts alread determinated: you will be the winner of this season man! But you and the #11 team have to become it reality with a great job…many people are trusting you…good look and rock an roll!!!

    gary leggett sr. says:

    Denny just stay ahead of Jimmy Johson and you will come out a winner, you will bring the trophey home for sure!!

    Christy Oyer says:

    Awsome win Sunday in Martinsville! Thanks for the hat Eicher, he couldn’t do it without you and the rest of the crew. Good luck in PHX……..

    It’s your time…Go for it!!!

    Scott Riches says:

    Good luck Denny!!
    Go get the championship!

    (You have the Best Jack Man in Nascar! – Go Nate!
    Your Swanton, OH Fan Club!!)

    EFH — Effingham, IL Fedex Frt HUB Wishes you the best!

    Harry Fox says:

    It’s time for the 48’s streak to come to an end and the 11 team is the team to do bring him down. GO DENNY

    Michelle Baird says:

    Go get’em Denny! Good Luck!

    Jon E. Von-Dett says:

    This is FedEx Denny! We all know that you and the #11 Team will “absolutely”…”positively” Win the 2010 Sprint Cup Chase!!!

    Chris says:

    Glad we are on the same team. Go FedEx, Go Denny

    Lisa Parsons says:

    Let’s Go Denny!!! One win at a time will get you a championship. Lets end the 48’s win streak and start our own. FEDEX rules!!

    jimmy chapman says:

    Denny go get the people in front of you. here in elko we run 500 miles a day del. frieght ever day so go get what your

    jimmy chapman says:

    Go Denny from elko nv we are pulling for you we drive 400 miles a day del. frieght a round nv.
    go get them

    Angie Spear says:

    Go – Denny – Go! We are pround of you! Here at the Indy Hub!

    Angie Spear says:

    Go! – Denny – Go!
    We are pround of you here at the Indy Hub!

    mark smith says:

    go get em Denny!!! were pulling for you!

    Missy & Larry says:

    We know you can bring a win for the FedEx team!! We are proud of all of you….

    Joe Hardy says:

    Take it to the 48, and deliver the championship for the 150,000 plus FedEx team members.

    Bob Matheson says:

    Go get ’em Denny! Looking forward to you winning the “Cup”! Above all else, have fun!! From your Fans in CANADA!!

    Jay Palmer says:

    YOU THE MAN DENNY!!! Go show Hendricks that you mean buisness. Fan of yours from the beginning and will be no matter what!!

    Sheri says:

    BEST WISHES from INDY, the racing capital! Congratulations on your great season, so far. We’re cheering you and the #11 team on to raising that Championship Trophy! Good Luck, Denny!

    Rebecca Woo says:

    Denny, hello from San Francisco and CONGRATULATIONS to you and your crew on your impressive performance this season. Wishing you the best in the final 4 races. Every Day is Race Day and #11 is #1. GO, DENNY.

    Michael Barrera says:

    There is No “I” In team and you and your FedEx#11 Team proved that on sunday ! Great Job Denny and the whole FedEx Team .

    Steve Bell says:

    Go Denny and the Fedex Team we know you can deliver the trophy.

    Carol Doten says:

    #11 Team wins the chase with attitude. I take pride in the way Denny and the other team members conduct themselves on and off the track. Nice guys finish first!!!!

    Carol Doten says:

    #11 Team wins the Chase with attitude! We are very proud of the way the Fedex Team conducts itself on and off the track! After all WE ARE FEDEX. Go get em!

    Jan Dorothy says:

    You and your team ROCK Denny! Go get em guys, you CAN do this 🙂

    Wayne Lorentz says:

    Denny and Team FedEx….Double #1’s…..1 for FedEx….and 1 for our hearts. Go get em !!!!!

    Corey says:

    awesome year outstanding performances,and denny hamlin!just drive with no regrets we are very proud!!! GO Denny !!!

    Karen says:


    Karen says:


    Donna says:

    Best of Luck to you Denny and the entire FedEx Racing Team! This is your year to win the championship….Go Get It!

    Mark Greenish says:


    Way to go and deliver! -6 VERY impressive. You rock!

    Wishing you good luck for the rest of the season.



    You Go Denny ~~~ # 11 is the number of the year.
    We’re all pulling for you at FedEx National LTL. You can win this the 2010 Sprint Cup Chase.
    If it wasn’t for you, I’d never watch the races.
    GO FEDEX………………GO DENNY…………..
    BE SAFE !

    SUSAN BOLING says:

    You make me proud to work for Fedex!

    Tanya Garner says:

    Great job Denny!
    I have been following you all year. Continue to sit back and stay cool and then bust a move. See you in person at DEGA.

    Tanya Garner says:

    Hamlim Time!!

    Great job Denny and Crew. Keep up the good work.
    Been watching you all year, it’s your time to take it all the way. Sit back as you do and then hamlim down one by one.

    Brenda Chaney says:

    Great job Denny and FedEx racing team!! Cheering you on ALL THE WAY here in Arkansas, it has been an exciting race year go get that

    Kevin says:

    Force the ‘Drive for Five’ to take a dive! Good Luck!


    Perry says:

    Go Denny And Crew need to put #48 were he belongs behind the #11 on the track and in chase. GO DENNY #11, #1!!!!!

    Don R. says:

    With all due credit to Chuck Berry:

    Go go
    Go Denny go
    Go Denny go
    Go Denny go
    Go Denny go
    Denny B. Goode

    His mother told him “Someday you will be a man,
    And you will be the leader of a big old band.
    Many people coming from miles around
    To watch you drive your car when the sun go down
    Maybe someday your name will be in lights
    Saying Denny B. Goode tonight.”

    Go go
    Go Denny go
    Go go go Denny go
    Go go go Denny go
    Go go go Denny go
    Denny B. Goode

    BIll says:

    “There is a force in the universe that makes things happen…and all you have to do is get in touch with it. Stop thinking…let things happen…and Be the Ball.”

    Kim Bueltel says:

    Lets bring home the Championship! You are AWESOME. Keep it up..Congrats on the WIN at Martinsville..Keep the 48 behind you!!!!

    Derek says:

    Denny, you have really come into your own this season. Congatulations on a terrific season so far. You have THE BEST pit crew at the Cup level by far and the whole team really seems to be coming together right now. I really like the way you and Mike Ford keep each other honest and in good spirits during race time. I wish the best for you and your team. Keep your eye on the prize and beat that guy!

    Gina Adkins says:

    Go Denny! We are all so proud of you here in FedEx Customer Information Services! We all watch you in every race cheering you on. You have done an excellent job. We wish you and the entire FedEx Racing team the best out there on the track. We are all charged up here in Memphis for you Denny! Go Denny!!!!

    Shelby Ferrari says:

    We are proud of you and the entire #11 team. Keep your eyes on the prize. Good Luck!

    Rosi says:

    You must be lost MG… need a Thomas Guide? Go Denny!

    Janet says:

    Keep up the Great work.. We knew you could do it.. Now lets finish it….. #11….

    Beth Russell says:

    Way to go FedEx team!!! Wishin’ to the best and will see you in Dega…GO FEDEX!

    Kevin says:

    Good Luck and Safety Wishes to you for the remainder of this season!

    Greg says:

    Team FedEx – Congratulations on a great year thus far. The job is not done. Stay cool, smooth and focused and bring home the cup to a very proud group who are pulling for you.

    Mike Robinson says:

    Denny You Rock I think that FedEx Office should Paint the Newer Transit Connect Vans like Your 2011 FedEx Office Car. Just Like Interstate Batteries used to do, It is a way to get the idea across that we are mmoving around the world

    Cheri Humphrey says:


    Dave Harvey says:

    We are behind you Denny and support you all the way.Glad your our driver, take us to the checkered flag for the season….

    Bryan says:

    Go Denny! The 48 is in sight, bring the dynasty to an end! Let bring back another championship to the coach!

    Jeremy Mackie says:

    Bring it home for all of us Fedex…CSVA… fedex deserves the trophy !!!!

    MICHELLE says:


    Mark Brantley says:

    Your dedication and competitive spirit is so representative of the FedEx Purple Promise. Keep up the momentum, we are all behind you 110%. Run it for the win!

    Steve says:

    Bring Home That Championship! Great race in Martinsville!

    George Brown says:

    When you absolutely, positively, have to beat the 48–Denny Hamlin!!!

    Cindy Mansfield says:

    You can do it, Denny and Team!

    gustavo garcia says:


    Mike Chaney says:

    GOOD LUCK Denny & FedEx #11 team!

    Chad Cooper says:

    Good luck number 11 team from the Cooper family in Vincent, AL

    norval white says:

    go team 11 lets bring it home this year

    we are all pulling for the team here in las vegas freight shop

    Dianna Estes says:

    GO DENNY GO!!!! Great job #11 FedEx Team!!! We are cheering you on from Arkansas!!

    elliott r. smith says:

    you have them were you want them bring it on home for the team and all your fans

    FRED SNYDER says:


    Ricky G. Burns says:

    Keep the 48 behind you. Great season. Thanks for the memories. Ricky G.

    Debbie Deckard says:

    Gooooo! Denny. Bring it home!

    Bryan says:

    Go Denny go!! Fedex #11 team has the #48 shaking in his boots.

    Keep it up Denny, we can’t even remember that little guy’s name that drove for us before the HAMLIN era…..You are a huge part of the never ending quest for the FedEx team to constantly, absolutely, positively, and consistently kick the tar out of that ummm…. brown team somewhere over there.. UTS…uhhh, VPS….UBC…something like that….Bring it home, we’re all tired of Johnson already! GOOD LUCK FEDEX RACING TEAM!!!!

    Allison Miller says:

    Way to go Denny and team. Championship is in sight!! Race smart and pit smart. Be safe.

    Jenny says:

    Denny and #11 crew – Good Luck and Stay Safe!!



    Team FedEx in South Florida says:

    Denny, you are the man in 2010!! It’s time to take #48. Best of Luck to you and the crew!!!

    Pat Mullins says:

    Team Hamlin, Keep up the great work. Don’t let #48 determin your future. The finish line is in sight. Don’t let off the gas until the end! Your FedEx team is right behind you 100%

    Dan Auker says:

    GOOOO Denny!!! I love watching you race on the edge of borderline aggressive & determination to put you FED EX Toyota in front. Good Luck to you and your championship chase! I think you can do it.

    Leigh says:

    Hey Denny, drive it like you stole it!!! Good luck in the Chase 🙂

    Vickie Eiland says:

    Go for it Denny!! You made me a NASCAR fan and it has been a fantastic year. Good luck, we’ll be rooting for ya!

    Larry Hays says:

    Denny and Fedex team it’s been the best year so far. Keep up the good work and we’ll be praying for your safety. From DAGA station in California.

    Deletre's family from Paris says:

    Bonjour & Bonne Chance Denny & Joe’s Team ! You have also some fans from the very beginning in France who are very exciting to see you so close to The Sprint Cup Series Championship Trophee… so yes bring it home and my husband & son committed to cook a typical French meal for you…!!! Encore bonne chance !

    Darlene says:

    Go, Denny, go. Be safe, and bring it home!

    Shirley says:

    BRING IT HOME! GO! GO! GO! Keep up the GREAT racing, and GREAT teamwork.

    #1 Denny Hamlin Fan says:

    Go Denny!!!! I love watching you and the FedEx Racing Team. I wish you much success, and beat out #48 Jimmy Whooooooo?!?!?! Congratulations guys! Keep up the good work and the Championship is insight

    Team Phoenix Local says:

    Go Denny Go, drive it like its HOT!!!

    Dan says:

    GO DENNY! Orlando SEC is cheering for you! Met you and Mike in July Daytona race! See you at Homestead to raise the championship trophy!!!!

    gary says:

    Way to go Denny….Keep after that 48 team.We here at BWIRT {BALTIMORE},ARE RIGHT BEHIND YOU ALL THE WAY.You”ve shown that you can be patient and take the good with the bad so we”re routing for you to win that chase and take that championship…Fedex race fan..Gary

    Dave Joyce says:

    Denny way to keep the pressure on the #48 Team. Approach it one race at a time and I am sure you will be the SPRINT CUP CHAMPION. Good luck and show everyone your so good they had to put 2 number 1’s on your car.

    I only started watching the races just to support the Fedex team. Now, I love watching you race.. Go Hamlin team! Have a safe run and kick butt!

    Regina Watson says:

    Go get em Denny. Love watching you race. Keep up the great work. Go Denny, Go Fedex

    Kristen Brophy says:

    Go Denny Go! Deliver the Cup Championship to FedEx, JGR, and FedEx Office #1693 of Oak Park, MI! 🙂

    George & Carole says:

    FLORIDA GATORS LOVE #11 TEAM! Keep the pressure on, Denny, and we will swim on down from the “Swamp” to help you celebrate in Homestead!!! JGR and FedEx Racing are #1 !!!

    Teressa Ruganis says:

    GO DENNY! I didn’t watch racing until I became a FedEx employee. Now love watching.. Good Luck.. be Safe and take the checkered flag….

    Renee says:

    Team Hamlin…”Go all the Way” says JFK

    AL Hurlburt says:

    Terrific race last Sunday . I am right behind you every race pulling for that championship.Wish I were there at every track but maybe someday…Al in Cambridge On. YKF


    DRIVE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT, DUDE!!! You are so AWESOME. We love you, Denny Hamlin! Now, win this championship!!! Be safe!


    SHAMELESS IN FIFTH GRADE… Hey Denny, Do you think we can get a clip of you singing Shameless when you were in 5th grade? How SWEET. Just like you! Just like you winning the championship! WOO HOO! All the best to you and the #11 Team!!


    CONGRATS ON WINNING MARTINSVILLE!!! You ROCK SO HARD! We love you and your momma, too. How is Mary Lou? 🙂

    Russell Sampson says:

    go champ–take it all in 2010,i had you figured for 2011–so do this year and next year.good luck.—sammy phlmx line.

    Michael McCain says:

    I can’t wait to flaunt your championship in the face of my Jimmy lovin’ buddy! Go Denny Go!!

    Ryan Pawelczyk says:

    Finish Strong! This is your year! Take it to the bank! Congrats to JGR, the greatest young team to date!

    yukie says:

    go denny!!! all we do is win!

    Keith Hege says:

    GO DENNY! We are behind you and know that you can do it!! My kids love to see the #11 team up front – the entire team seems to be clicking at the same time. Go Denny Go!

    Steve says:

    From all your fans at the QALL station near the Pocono’s in PA, keep the awesome racing going and bring the championship home to FedEx!!!

    Talia Pawelczyk says:

    Denny, we believe in you! Thank You for being awesome!

    RON PURNELL says:

    Congrats on a great season. Now bring it home Denny!

    Deanne Stuckey says:

    Congrats on your win at Martinsville Denny! Glad I was there to see you get your 7ths win! Ohio loves you Denny. The 11# team has what it takes for the championship!

    Penny Strelnik says:

    Can’t wait for Sunday or Special Saturday evening race. We are regulars at Daytona, 4th of July. You just keep doing what you are doing. You rock! Be safe but keep the pedal to the metal… Your fan FedEx Freight Services Lakeland, FL.

    Chip Parker says:

    Congrats on 7 big wins this year so far. This will be the first Dega race I have missed in 3 years, but we will still tailgate and cheer you on on Sunday. Good luck, stay out of trouble and away from that poor sportsman Harvick who is sneaking his way up behind you and JJ. Stay focused and don’t let bad luck put a detour on your ambition to bring home the championship.

    Chip & Renee Parker
    Griffin, Ga

    Carolyn Redmon says:

    team member from Texas, Lete”s Go Racin Boys” and win the chase! Store 0651

    susan dudley says:

    congratulations on a great year…you have a great team and alot of people supporting you from the fedex family. good luck on the chase.. this is from war eagle country..go auburn, go denny and fedex team…

    cyndee says:


    Jacqueline Rivera says:

    PUERTO RICO LOVE THE #11 TEAM!!! We love watching the race and feel proud of you guys and being part of the Fedex Team! Keep going forward!

    Keith Long says:

    Go get’m Denny…Come out on top this year. Jeff and Jimmy are going down with you behind the wheel of the #11 FedEx car.

    Good Luck

    Diana says:

    You proved it after your surgery and I know that Mike and your crew believe it, too!

    Pocono is Denny-o; Martinsville is Hamilin-ville.
    What are we going to name Homestead??

    Viva la Hamlin! Double-Stix for Life!

    Courtney Bycroft says:

    Team ZTUL in Tulsa, OK wishes you good luck in your run for the championship! Bring it home, Denny!

    Dan Conway says:

    REFUSE TO LOSE Denny, Good Luck from the Heartland and Team FREIGHT in IOWA.

    Mike Jackson says:

    Every year is a great year to watch FEDEX racing. Just making the chase is great, but I know you have higher goals. Good Luck. You have a great team!!!

    Renee says:

    Team Hamlin… “Go all the Way”…. Team JFK

    Ambra Thompson says:

    Good Luck to the #11 team! Bring home another VICTORY!!

    ….Your fans at FedEx National LTL in Brownsburg, IN

    Jim Stanchina says:

    0498 in Escanaba, MI wishes you good luck in your championship run! remember Rivots are cheap, dethrone the 48!

    Jerry D UINA says:

    Go Denny Go! Let’s win the Chase! We’re rooting for you to go all the way! We know you’ve got the skills-now we’re hoping for that little bit of luck that will seal the deal on your first championship!

    Dottie Christopher says:

    I met you at the Indy Hub where I work, and wish you the best of luck in the Chase!! You can do it!!!

    Joseph Jay says:

    WAY TO GO DENNY! Go Get That Cup!

    Mary says:

    Go, Denny, GO!!!!

    Dan says:

    Mr. Hamlin,

    I appreciate you making the Nascar experience and outstanding one. It is your turn to hold the cup!

    Chad Perkins says:

    GOOD LUCK #11 and TEAM FEDEX!! Your right Denny, Team FedEx has had a great year, just keep pushing for the goal! A great team and a great driver will bring great things!! Good Luck from terminal STRK 0397 and 3397 in Starkville, MS!!

    Deborah England says:

    YOU MAKE US PROUD TO BE FEDEX EMPLOYEES~Denny and TEAM #11. Congrats so far on your accomplishments. You will be the 2010′ Sprint Cup Champions.

    Tami says:

    GO DENNY and CREW, the 48 bunch won’t know what happens to them when you leave him in the SMOKE!

    Go Denny Go!!! You Can Do it! It’s your time to Shine!!! From all of us at the FedEx Freight Tucson Service Center, Tucson, Az!

    Tyler Everson says:

    Go Denny… Take down the champ it’s your turn and the time is now!!!

    Taralyn says:

    Good Luck Denny!! Do Work!! It’s your turn to bring home the cup.. Aloha & Best Wishes from Honolulu, HI. REPRESENT!!!

    Janet says:

    What a heck of a Birthday present you can give yourself !!! You can celebrate your birthday & the Championship in Homestead that would be a HUGE celebration don’t ya think ??? Stay focused & determined & you will have that HUGE party in Florida !!! Best of luck to you Denny we love ya here in Memphis TN !!!!

    Adam Sharp says:


    LISA HARBER says:


    elliott r. smith says:

    from the drivers at the boston ramp

    jaime andrade says:

    departe te todos aqui en laredo texas fedex freight te deseamos muy buena suerte . no te olivides de nosotros . estamos contigo ganes o pierdas

    to us you are already a winner

    go # 11

    go fedex

    que viva denny hamlin !!
    que viva !!!!!!!

    Tina L Stewart says:

    Go Denny, You make us proud In Harrison,
    AR!! Knock Johnson off his pedestal & TAKE the championship YOU deserve it ~~GO HAMLIN YOU ROCK !!!!!!

    Angela says:

    This is your year to take the Championship! We always look forward to seeing you when you are in Indianapolis. Thank you and the entire FedEx Racing team for all you do and keep up the great work!

    Jeff S says:

    Go Denny! How come Fedex runs a Custom Critical car?

    Jeff Lenz says:

    BEAT the #48 and all will fall into place. A championship would mean the world to us so stay focused and be there at the end.

    Dan says:

    Year of the 11! Put the hammer down and bring home the championship. Make 2011 the year of the 11.

    The Champion Household says:

    We have our #11 flag flying proudly from our front porch!! Awesome job, Denny!!! We’re proud that you drive for FedEx and even prouder to call you our favorite driver!!!

    Ed Speechley says:

    Good Luck to you and the entire #11 team. We’re all pulling for you to win the cup.

    Christa Thompson says:


    Sam Sitton II says:

    Good Luck Denny, Mike Ford, and the JGR FedEx Racing Team.

    Louis Clemons says:

    Denny, Good Luck in the Chase and congratulations on a great season…The UINA station in Quincy, IL. is behind you 100%

    Tammy Bachur says:

    May increased RPM’s promote a win, 11 flags will be flapping From Canada… The “ones” (11) are it for 2010..

    Sheree says:


    Matthew Pixler says:

    GO DENNY!!! Good Luck in the Chase! Bring that #11 home with the championship!

    Matt Martin says:

    Welcome Race Fans
    Running for the Cup

    Jeff Ramer says:



    Cynthia Moore says:

    Make Dega your next conquest, Denny! Go Team FedEx!!

    Valerie says:

    !!!!!DENNY DELIVERS!!!!! Go FedEx Team! All we do is WIN!

    Debby says:

    We are so proud to be able to sponser you and the #11 team. We wish you continued success.

    Johnny Helton says:

    Bristol-CAT supports Denny !!

    Amber Watkins says:

    GO Denny!!! This is your year for the Championship!! Hammer down and take Johnson down!! There’s a new champion #11 in town!! Make us proud!! -Amber Watkins

    Scott Spaulding says:


    R.Thomas says:

    Denny, congradulations to you and #11 team, now just put the finishing touch on a great year

    Skyler Dickey says:

    Bring home the championship Denny, you and your crew have performed great this year!

    Jim Hernandez says:

    Keep the faith Denny! To win a championship takes a total team effort. Make us FedEx employees proud!!

    Jim Hernandez says:

    To win a championship takes a total team effort. The employees at FedEx Fr8 in Phx are proud and will be rooting for you. God speed Denny and all at JGR.

    K Funck says:

    Defeat The Incumbent! AELA /MN

    Zak Tremont says:

    Lets go Denny! Bring home the Cup! Good luck to you and the whole FedEx Racing Team!

    Shelly Thompson says:

    I proudly sport my purple #11 FedEx coat and hat! Awesome job this year Denny. It’s been great following you this year.

    Rebecca Fairchild says:

    Denny, thank you so much for coming to the Greensboro FedEx Hub for a meet and greet! That was so much fun for me and as usual, you were very nice. Thanks again and I’ll see you again so you can autograph my newest pics with you!
    Good Luck in Phoenix and be safe (but run hard!)
    I’ll be rooting for you.

    Chuck Elvidge says:

    good luck ,

    Lillian Rogers says:

    WOW….Every race is more exciting than the one before….we are so proud of you and the whole #11 FedEx Team!! Talledega was AWESOME!!!! We’re behind you man, go get the 48!!!! We know you can do it!!!!

    Janet says:

    Don’t let Dega get you down Denny…it could have been so much worse but you saved it !! You stayed calm & focused & worked it out. I know you wanted better as we all did but hey it still ended up being okay !!!! Keep your head up & the pedal to the metal & you’ll be fine !!!

    Melody Woods says:

    We are very proud of you. Bring home that Championship. Hammer down and may the Lord keep you safe.

    Mark says:

    You absolutely, positively, make us proud! Way to go!

    Cynthia Holland says:

    GO Denny!!! What a great year, you can go all the way and take the championship – everyone in Texas pulling for you!!

    Doug says:

    You got ’em right where you want’em.

    Now deliver that Championship to “The NASCAR World on Time!”

    Kevin Atchley says:

    Way to go Denny!!! Way to go Joe Gibbs Racing!!! Go for the cup! FedEx delivers!!!

    Cynthia Holland says:

    Denny & team – you guys have done an amazing job! Keep up the great work and I know you can go all the way! We are all behind you!

    George says:

    Chester says “Come on Denny”

    Darrell & Mitzi Poole says:

    Decatur/Huntsville,ALABAMA is cheering for #11 TEAM!!

    Jason says:

    JJ is shaking in his race boots. You know he can see you in the rearview. Put the pedal to the metal kid. Time for FedEx to deliver a Championship!

    Jack Fong says:

    Denny – thanks for being a special part of the FedEx family! Wishing you and the JGR racing team continued success, good health and smooth sailing. Bring it home!

    Tollyne Fischbach says:

    FedEx #11 FANTASTIC Job and Congratulations on 2010 performance! Now bring the championship home; We are all behind you and wish you all the BEST.

    Alan Shank says:

    Deliver on that checkered promise!
    FTMY Gound

    Michael Bracken says:

    Go Get the cup! From the Express Team in Montana.

    CHASEN D CUP says:

    Hey, over the wall guys down here.Thanks for the stellar job you do to keep the Fedex #11 in the chase! Denny, your not doing so bad either !! (snoozin at Talladega is an odd stratey, but if thats what works for ya keep up the chase) Mr.Gibbs & Fedex thanks for giving us the opportunity to root for a Champion 2010 !!

    Scott Spaulding says:


    Tracey Peters says:

    champship is just one step away. keep up the great work guys,this year is your year

    Terry Darnell says:

    Yor are the man.Make sure Kyle and Joey remember to give that xtra push if needed.

    Doug MacDonald says:

    Come on Denny. A few more wins and finish them off for the year. Eastern Canada believes!

    Donna says:

    Good Luck Denny …Ric Ramp

    Ronnie Potts says:

    GO NUMBER 11! You can do it!
    FedEx in Florida is cheering you on.

    Lou DeAngelis says:

    Alexandria,VA says drive it like you stole it! Good luck Denny

    Kim says:

    Go #11! You can win this championship! Everyone at FedEx is behind you all the way!

    Hamlin Fan says:

    Hey Denny! This is your year! Go get em, we are behind you here in Colorado. See ya in the winner circle!

    Al Hopkins says:

    Bring it home #11. Can’t wait to watch you race up and down the track with that checkered flag in hand. Best of luck, from Memphis!

    MICKI NUGENT says:


    Jeff says:

    Congrats on the progress but remember the purple promise, Make Our Experience Outstanding!

    Dave says:


    “The quality of a person’s life is in direct portions to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field Of endeavor.”
    Vincent Lombardi

    “Failures are expected by losers, ignored by winners.”
    Joe Gibbs

    Your hometown Virginia VMX department says “GO NOW and WIN!”

    Jeff Berry says:

    You have the Mountain District behind you! Bring home the Sprint Cup Championship to FedEx and JGR. From the Team Members of Express, Ground, Freight & Office. Best wishes… PB&J CO

    Jeff Berry says:

    You have the backing of the whole Mountain District! Bring home the Sprint Cup Championship to FedEx and JGR! From the Team Members of Express, Ground, Freight & Office. Best Wishes.. PB&J ASPEN, CO

    mujee says:


    Don Krager says:


    Jerry says:

    When you guys come back to the WHQ this year bring that CUP trophy with you. Good luck!

    Damian Castillo says:

    Go #11, you can do it Denny!!

    Sophia Weilbacher says:

    Put the pedal to the metal and show them how Fedex excels! Good Luck-Sophie from Texas
    PS-Can I drive your car?

    Noelle Rudisill says:

    Good Luck Denny! We are cheering for you!!! 🙂

    Mila says:

    Congratulation Danny! You did great job on race in Taxes! Good luck in rest of your races!

    Bryan says:


    Way to Go Denny! You are the man!
    We’re all proud of you!
    Let’s put this one way and bring back the cup to JGR again!

    david keith says:

    It is great to see you way ahead of the competition…UPS that is. We confident you will bring home the championship this year.
    Thanks for all you do.

    Kathy Key says:

    I was there and watched you not only win the race at Texas, but also take the lead for the Championship…without a fight, changing your pit team or losing your cool…that is the making of a true champion!!! Keep it up and I will see you in Homestead!

    Lesa Brown says:

    Always great to see FedEx at the top whether it be business or on the racetrack!! Way to go Denny!!! Bring home the Championship!!

    Ryan Justice says:

    My wife Donna and I live and breath Nascar, and have been on the Denny Hamlin band wagon since you took over for Jason Leffler. We met you at the Fedex Tent at Texas Motor Speedway a few years back which made us think even more highly of you for taking the time to speak to us. We thought you might win the chase last year, because if a few things would have went different for you i don’t think Jimmy would have won. You have really matured as a racer over the years,have become a team leader for Joe Gibbs, and we couldn’t be prouder of the way you handle yourself on and off the track. There will be a BIG Celebration in south Texas when you win the Championship this year.

    Tina Messer says:

    Good luck Denny! Everyone here in Charleston, WV is supporting you!

    Jojm Koenig Jr. says:

    Keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up. Just like we do everyday @ freight. Good Luck

    Scott Hart says:

    Bring home the championship, we are all behind you!! Go #11!!

    Keep your eye on the prize!!! You can do it Denny!

    Wanda Hale says:

    Kick the tires and light the fires…GO #11

    EDGAR RETIZ says:


    Jamie White says:

    So proud of you Denny…my husband and I love watching you race and the Fedex team is superb…go get ’em at Phoenix.

    Annie Christensen says:

    Keep up the great work. We are all proud of you at FedEx Denny! Great race at Texas Motor speedway! I was there to see you! Amazing!!!

    tina messer says:

    Good Luck from your #1 Fan, Dee!

    Bonita Taulbee says:

    @age 70 I drove #11 @Indy. My fastest time was 132.94. I have a greater appreciation for what Denny does expecially w/all the traffic around him. I only had a pace car in front of me.
    GO GET ‘EM DENNY! Bonita/fedex/ccn

    chad hart says:


    Evan Brown says:

    Make it a win, Denny! The HGR FedEx Freight team is pulling for you!

    Kathy Key says:

    Fedex delivers on-time and in tact! You can do the same this weekend in Homestead! You are the best driver this year, which is why you have the point lead…all the other have to catch you if they can! Happy Birthday, you can deliver the biggest and best birthday gift ever by bringing home the point championship for all of the FEDEX team at the track and on the road! I will be cheering you on to that first championship that you so deserve.

    Pam Cunningham says:

    Good Lucky FedEx Team. Go get em Denny!!

    Paula Jackson says:

    Keep focused and you will win!!! You can do this Denny!!

    Kathy Key says:

    Happy 30th Birthday….may all your birthday wishes come true including your first NASCAR Championship! Bring it home on Sunday!

    Annie Christensen says:

    This Sunday is the day Denny!!!!! You made me proud of being part of the FedEx family. Race fast and never give up. Go and deliver that purple promise. All Fedex loves you and will be watching. Good Luck in Florida.

    Kevin Steensen says:

    Bring it home Denny

    Michael Ondrasik says:

    Everyone here at QORL is pulling for you Denny! As we’re entering our peak season, you’re already performing at peak levels! Go Team FedEx!

    Sue Hartig says:

    Was at the race in Loudon. Awsome race. Was hoping you would lap Jimmy! GO DENNY! Good luck at Charlotte.

    Cheryl says:

    You are “the man”—We are so proud of you this season–and you are our “Champion”—Chattanooga–FedEx Freight!

    David Zachry says:

    Keep it up Denny!

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