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The Making of…. a Truly Global Movie

May 3, 2013

It was a hot summer’s day in August 2011 when an unusual email popped up in my inbox. “We are a group of film students from Hamburg, Germany and we would like to ask for your support in making a truly global movie,” a young man by the name of Adrian wrote. “Interesting,” I thought, “what exactly does he have in mind when he says a truly global movie?” A few emails and several phone calls later, I had all the information I needed. Armed with the all this information, it didn´t take me very long to convince the whole EMEA communications team that we should support the students’ effort named “Project Filmbox”.

project filmbox FedEx BlogYou may wonder what made this particular request stand out from the many other emails we regularly receive. Well, it may sound a bit corny – but in a nutshell the students’ idea touched our hearts. “Something connects us,” Adrian noted when explaining the group’s motivation. “Not just us filmmakers, but every single one of us on this planet. Something that happens to someone on the other side of the world happens to us too in a way. We live in a world that is constantly seeking a way of  making  a connection, a world of booming  social networks, increasing numbers of cheap international flights, and worldwide news coverage, but for some reason it never seems to be enough. With this film we want to highlight all of the good moments, both big and small, that connect people all over the world.”

So far, so good. However, there was still the question of how a movie can show connections between people all over the world – and what role FedEx should play in this. The solution everyone came up with was as simple as it was brilliant: the students asked filmmakers all over the world for scripts of short movies covering the “connection theme”. They then sent 20 HD cameras on a journey through each continent, stopping in multiple cities along the way. This way the camera got to one filmmaker, who shot a contribution for the project, and was then sent on to the next address on the list. For consistency, every contribution followed a standard format – starting off with a shot of the camera being unpacked by the filmmaker. The last scene of every film ended with a shot of the camera being returned to its packaging.

Speaking of packaging, you have probably already guessed by now how FedEx was involved in the project: Not only did we provide financial support to purchase the cameras, but we also shipped them around the world – from A like Australia via C like Cameroon or N like Norway to Z like Zimbabwe. And we made sure they all made their way back to Hamburg safely. The transportation and filming took place in 2012 and after receiving all the contributions, the young filmmakers Adrian, Andreas, Julius and Lennart spent the last few months busily screening, cutting, and composing. As if that wasn’t a hard enough task, two of the four project team members are now also preparing to graduate from high school while the other two both have day jobs.

Only recently – about 20 months after first hearing about the project – I received another email with exciting news from Adrian. The movie will be finalized very soon and a trailer is already online! Have I piqued your curiosity? Would you like a sneak peak at how people are connected all over the world? Then sit down, relax, take five minutes time out, click on the video below, and enjoy:

Project: Filmbox “Show the world what connects us” from Julius Dettmer on Vimeo.

Now that you have seen the trailer, I am sure you agree that we at FedEx and the Filmbox team have a lot in common: we connect people, markets and cultures in ways that were once unimaginable. We also share our core principles, which are all about access, opportunities and connections. That’s why I am glad Filmbox got in touch with us on that summer’s day back in 2011!


    Elisabeth de Zagon says:

    I love it. Katrin, so glad you got that call!

    Scott Mertell says:

    Quite impressive!! So many connections, but the most outstanding illustration of all is the simple fact that we all have a natural, instinctive desire to experience as much as we can. So glad you got the call Katrin, and I look forward to the final project!

    Linda Feathers says:

    It touched my heart…thank you for that!

    MayLyn says:

    Great JOB! So pleased with your success!

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