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The Power of Connectedness

September 20, 2011

social media statsWe’ve heard the statistics but they remain staggering:

  • Facebook is now the third-most populous community on Earth, with 70% of its users outside of the United States.
  • Tumblr is an emerging player in social media, nearly tripling its audience from a year ago.
  • Tout enables people to quickly update their Facebook friends and Twitter followers with real-time short video updates captured from smart phones.
  • 67% of the world’s population has a mobile phone subscription. Nearly 40 percent of social media users access social media content from their mobile phone.
  • For every 10% rise in mobile phone subscriptions in emerging markets, GDP rises 0.8%.  A 10% rise in broadband Internet use boosts GDP by 1.3%. (Source: World Bank)

That’s the power of Connectedness.

At FedEx, we intend to engage with our customers whenever and wherever they want. The proliferation of mobile devices – smart phones, tablets, etc. – is precisely where we will provide the customer with the tools to engage.  We jumped into the arena with FedEx mobile tracking and shipping apps for smart phones, delivering a set of iPhone apps that were so widely adopted that Apple prominently displayed our app in its first round of commercials touting “There’s an app for that.”

We’ve since worked on more applications and more platforms – Blackberry, Android, iPad – and developed a strategy where we leverage native capabilities of the device for certain applications – for example, geo-loc GPS for finding a nearby FedEx location – and pointing to the mobile web for others.

google docsFor the road warrior, we are empowering the ePrint of documents by combining the power of the FedEx Office network with the mobility of today’s workforce. This distributed platform of smart phones and devices delivers an “off-ramp” by which customers can print at any of our 1,600 FedEx Office centers. The FedEx mobile shipping label, a first to market solution, enables our customers to generate a mobile barcode on their iPhone, Blackberry or other web-enabled smart phone. Customers can upload their Google account files and use the Cloud to print on the fly.

As the world grows more tech savvy, expectations rise. So, we have Customer Service Representatives proactively monitoring and offering help on Twitter.  We have a portfolio of services offered on Facebook. Where will it go next? Shipping notifications via Tout? Perhaps. A small add-on enabling print straight from a mobile device? Some day.

The possibilities are tremendous thanks to the power of Connectedness.

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