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February 28, 2013

Once again FedEx has been named to the  FORTUNE World’s Most Admired Companies list. FedEx ranked #10 for 2013, and has ranked on the list for 11 of the last 14 years.

But it’s not about the numbers.

It’s understandable the factors used to determine the ranking include financial management, service quality, social responsibility and global orientation. I’m proud of that strength of our business and our culture. We are one of the most admired global shipping giants on the planet for a reason – our people.

Go to any hub in any global market and you’ll see FedEx move the world’s economy with choreography that combines the precision of technology and the balance of art. Go to any marketing and sales office and listen while team members design global solutions to customers’ complex shipping needs. Go to our communications team and hear why reputation IS our brand.

Every day our reputation across the globe is influenced by the attitudes and actions of our executives and individual team members. It is our team members that actually differentiate FedEx from the competition.

The business success of FedEx is because we compete in the marketplace with our people – their drive for excellence, their solutions-oriented mindset, their global teamwork. It’s not something you can fake.

So it is FedEx – the company – that made the list. It is the 300,000 team members who can take a bow.

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    Julio says:

    great article!

    673873 says:

    I know this may not be seen by Mr. Smith, but I wanted to give him “flowers!”
    “Thank You Mr. Smith!!!
    You make the world a better place not only for the consumers, but the employees as well. It’s no question why FedEx made it as one of the top Ten again this year!
    I admire and respect you greatly and count myself blessed to have the opportunity to be employed here at FedEx.
    Having only been employed at FedEx a short 5(almost 6) years, living and implementing the PSP philosophy in my own life has been wonderful.
    I feel a personal connection to FedEx and feel like the folks here at FedEx are my second family!” ~~Amy O’Brien

    MayLyn says:

    I’m so very pleased with FedEx and all of the wonderful workers and team members that make this company so wonderful! I’m blessed to be a volunteer here and know that I’m helping others is what makes me happy. Thanks to FedEx, I wouln’t have my wonderful volunteering and my awesome successful ebay business due to your wonderful shipping that I can just say is the best A++++++++++++ all the way! FedEx will always be the best no matter what!

    Gloria Walters says:

    I hope my comments reaches Fred Smith and his staff. It’s nice to receive acknowledgements of our good work. Because of the hired personnel and teamwork that surround our daily duties, activities and responsibilities we are able produce quality service to our customers to make the public return to us and continue utilizing FEDEX as their courier. TEAMWORK is key and crucial when working for a corporation of this magnitude. I enjoy coming to work and the different challenges that may occur and being successful and reaching resolutions. Having a customer leave or hangup satisfied is a remarkable experience and a good feeling.Especially, when you handled the situtation personally Thanks for the acknowledement Mr. Smith. and I will continue to make you proud in what I do. Now I have to get back to work. My focus is getting us to #1 in Fortune Magazine.

    Bill Boyd says:

    I have enjoyed every bit of my 14 years being employed by FedEx. I am proud of my empoyer and I honestly look forward to coming to work EVERY night. It is truly a pleasure to work for a company that is so caring about its employees, cares about the environemnt and constantly strives to be the best public servant possible. The outstanding FedEx “culture” is a huge credit to Fred Smith and his management! All I can say is that you guys in Memphis running this company are superb.

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