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The Road Goes on Forever and the Party Never Ends

July 26, 2009

That’s the title of a Robert Earl Keen song that reminds me of my college days.  I’ve developed quite the road trip soundtrack, but it’s a fitting summary title for my summer tour with the hybrids. 

The 92 hybrids that have ventured across the country have anywhere from 300,000 to 500,000 revenue service miles on them.  They’ve been given a new engine, new paint job and a new life as a cleaner vehicle ready to serve FedEx customers in California.  FedEx Express’ John Formisano commented, “It’s the very definition of recycling.” 

For these trucks the road goes on forever, at least for a few more years.  For me, the party is just beginning.  I’ve made some new friends. I’ve seen some beautiful countryside and I’ve learned some things about safety, hybrid technology and the impact people can have in their communities

It’s important to note that these hybrids represent only a fraction of the environmental and corporate citizenship initiatives that are ongoing at FedEx.  I invite you to visit to learn more about our solar power, recycling, disaster relief and the impact—both economic and community-wide—the collective FedEx family is making in the communities we serve.  And keep coming back the FedEx Citizenship blog to see how we are doing on our commitments to citizenship on a day-to-day basis. 

The road does goes on forever, but my road trip is done.


    Christy says:

    My mother and I were on a trip to Montrose to clean out my brother’s home. He had passed away and I only had a 3-day weekend to accomplish this task. About half way down the hill on the west side of Eisenhower Tunnel on I70 in Colorado, I got a punctured tire. I was already in a time crunch and I didn’t need this kind of delay. Lack of cell service prevented me from calling Roadside Assistance. Shortly after I started the process of changing the tire myself, a very helpful and courteous FedEx driver stopped and offered his help. He had the tire changed and we were on our in about 5 minutes. The driver politely declined to give us his name. This all took place on 10/14/11 at around 11:30. I am hoping that somehow someone will recognize who the driver was and be made aware of his helpful personality and efforts above and beyond the responsibilities of his job.

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