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The School Year is Just Starting but the Grades Are Already Coming In

August 28, 2009

Schools around the country are getting ready to open their doors for the fall term, but FedEx Office has already gotten its first report card of the year. Today ForestEthics and the Dogwood Alliance, nonprofits committed to responsible forestry, issued their third annual “Green Grades” office supply report card. 

I’m proud to say FedEx Office got an A-, the best grade in the business.

According to the report:
“…[FedEx Office] hasn’t hesitated to avoid paper from caribou habitat, Indonesian forests, and other Endangered Forests, and has just made a major shift away from tree plantations in the US South. The company was also the first with a solid preference for credibly-certified paper (i.e., FSC), and has just announced that most of the paper used in its copy centers will be from FSC sources in the US. FedEx Office has also done the most to encourage its suppliers and governments to manage their forests more sustainably.”

Humans have been using paper as a means of communication since 220 A.D., and over the years FedEx Office has continued to innovate and evolve our products and services, including our paper offering, for our customers.   When it comes to paper, FedEx Office is focused on efficient operations and minimal sourcing impacts.  Using an avoidance, minimization, mitigation, and preferential purchasing philosophy helps FedEx Office minimize risk.

At FedEx Office our commitment to our environment extends beyond paper and forests.  We are also working to minimize our footprint in the areas of energy, waste, and greenhouse gases.  FedEx is committed to sustainably connecting the world, and enhancing the long-term value of the company for our shareholders and for the communities and businesses that rely on our services.  FedEx understands that a sustainable business is intrinsically tied to a sustainable society.

In fact, just a few weeks ago Mitch Jackson of FedEx Corp. wrote about our company’s renewable energy use – everything from solar power to hybrid vehicles.  Here at FedEx Office we combine the purchase of renewable energy credits (RECs) and utilities’ green power to offset energy consumption, and the EPA recently ranked FedEx Office as the No. 1 green power purchaser on a new Top 20 List for the printing industry.

Yet another A for our report card as we work toward reducing our environmental footprint!

For more information on the “Green Grades” report, check out the ForestEthics on the web.

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