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The Three C’s of Success: Culture, Community, Caring

May 22, 2012

Growth for any business, small or large, during the past several years hasn’t been easy. OtterBox has managed record growth during the global recession, becoming a leader in protective solutions for mobile technology. We’ve been lucky to be in a great industry, but successfully navigating the choppy waters of rapid growth requires quite a bit of skill, focus and dedication.

With fast growth comes growing pains. Success can sometimes be the downfall for a small business if they are unprepared to manage things like the stress an exponential increase in demand can have on supply chain. At OtterBox, we’ve managed growth by remaining true to our company culture – it’s the cornerstone of all we do.

OtterBox culture – what we call Ottertude – boils down to eight core values. These are concrete, actionable traits that we expect not only from our employees (otters), but also from our business partners.

  • Passion: OtterBox is about an experience and a lifestyle. We strive to be the best at what we choose to do.
  • Integrity:  We trust if we do the right things, we will get the right results.
  • Innovation: Built upon entrepreneurial values, we believe everything can be innovated.
  • Strategically Driven: We spend one-third of the year planning and strategizing for the future.
  • Adaptable: We are eager to embrace change.
  • Partner Relationships: We foster long-lasting, win-win relationships with a focus on the future.
  • Systemic: We are the sum of all our parts.
  • Accountability: We do what we say we will do.

These guiding principles all work in conjunction with each other and act as a measuring stick upon which everything is upheld. 

A great example is our relationship with FedEx. FedEx has proven adaptable and innovative. This great relationship has allowed OtterBox to be accountable for the more than 3,000 percent revenue growth that we’ve experienced over the last three years. This relationship allows us to deliver (literally and figuratively) product on-time and in the ever-growing quantities needed.

OtterBox culture is about more than just managing our growth, though. A mantra of the company is ‘to whom much is given, much is expected.’ As much as we are committed to doing what’s right for OtterBox, we’re equally dedicated to doing what’s right for our community. In a very basic way, we’ve done that through job creation. We currently employ about 600 in the OtterBox hometown of Fort Collins, Colo. That’s up from just over 100 a couple of short years ago.

Passive community support is not enough, though. OtterBox gives back to the local community through its charitable arm – the OtterCares Foundation. OtterCares provides monetary support to non-profits and serves as a conduit for volunteer activities for OtterBox employees, all of which receive 24 hours of paid volunteer time off annually.

Today, OtterBox remains poised to continue its high-growth trajectory. By staying true to our core values and culture of caring, the company will be able to maintain those elements that have led to our success so far.


    MayLyn says:

    Thank you Bill Lovell for sharing this wonderful infromation about OtterBox and the success that FedEx brought to them. It is so wonderful to know, that I am volunteering with one of the best companies in this world and that is FedEx!

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