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Towels for Troops: Celebrating the Pittsburgh Steelers Trip to the Super Bowl

January 26, 2009

To celebrate the Pittsburgh Steelers seventh trip to the Super Bowl in Tampa on Feb. 1, Pittsburgh-based FedEx Ground and the Pittsburgh Steelers have launched the Towels for Troops campaign. FedEx will be shipping thousands of Terrible Towels® to Steelers fans who are serving in the military overseas. The final delivery will be done by FedEx Express. Short of sending them to the Super Bowl, we can’t think of a better way to bring a little bit of Pittsburgh Steelers fever to our hardworking troops.

No matter if the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing at Heinz Field, or to the dismay of opposing teams, at any stadium throughout the country, Steelers fans can be seen proudly waving the Terrible Towel as they root on the Steelers. On the Steelers’ official web site it states that “the TOWEL is a positive force that lifts the Steelers to magnificent heights–and poses mysterious difficulties for the Steelers’ opponents only if need be.”

We’re working with Military Connections (, a non-profit organization that provides military troops with support, supplies and a connection to the United States while deployed. They are helping us to identify troops in Germany, Afghanistan and Iraq who are part of Steelers Nation. No, Steelers Nation is not a country, but the huge contingency of Pittsburgh Steelers fans who are spread out across the globe.

While football fans may recognize the famous Terrible Towel, I’m sure a lot of them do not know the history. In 1975, the Terrible Towel was created by the late Steelers broadcaster and icon, Myron Cope, to inspire fan involvement in a playoff game against the then-Baltimore Colts. For the past 12 years, the proceeds of the Terrible Towel have benefited the Allegheny Valley School where Cope’s autistic son has received treatment. The school, which serves children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, has received more than $2.5 million from the sale of the Terrible Towel and related products.

Launched before the Steelers last Super Bowl win in 2006, we hope that the Towels for Troops campaign will be a long standing tradition


    Victoria Campbell says:

    As a wife of a soldier and a Fedex Ground team member it is refreshing to see more people supporting what our soliders are doing. I am sure that the towels will be charished and enjoyed. For a piece of home, a part of tradition for most, will be with them. Thanks so much for thinking of them.

    Zeke says:

    What a great way to help our military Steeler fans and even those who just jumped on the wagon support the Black & Gold in the Super Bowl. I will now have the mental picture of thousands of troops waving the terrible towel right along with me during the game.

    Jeffrey C. says:

    What a great idea. Phoenix Local applauds the effort to bring the troops a little bit of joy during this time of conflict. The towels can be used in more than one way. If the Steelers lose, they can use them to wipe their tears. Go Cardinals. Shock the World.

    Rick Asalone says:

    Go FedEx and Go Steelers!!!!!!

    Lauren Jobes says:

    This makes me proud to work for FedEx AND be so lucky to live right here in Steeler Nation, Pittsburgh!

    Megan Thornburg says:

    Look at how awesome my company is! HAHA!

    Guillermo Martínez says:

    I´m a pittsburgh fan since I was a child because my father is also a fan and my 8 years old son with my 3 years old daughter are also fans then we have 3 generations of Steelers fans in my family. We just are waiting for next sunday to celebrate. Arizona is a good team, but Pittsburgh is much better.

    Guillermo Martínez.

    FedEx Mécico City

    Paula Kassouf says:

    This is my grandaughter a true steeler fan and a supporter of our troops. Her uncle is in Iraq at this time and this was great opportunity for her to send a little bit of home to our heros serving our country.
    Go Steelers!!!!!

    scott brown says:

    just to say its brilliant to see you chaps in the us supporting your troops its a pity the uk dont do as much .. keep up the excellent work .

    vernita says:

    Would the “terrible towel” be available for purchase by regular fedex employees?

    natalie Ogfrodnik says:

    When I told my husband about the Pittsburgh towels he cried. No one is a bigger and I mean bigger fan of the Steelers than my husband. Is there any chance ( please please please)that I may have/purchase one of those towels as it would make my being an employee even that much sweeter?

    sincerely. Natalie Ogriodnik 402507 ( YIBA )

    Barbara Lefler Rathmann says:

    How awesome is this?? What a wonderful thing to do. Even if the towels do not get there in time for Super Bowl, I can guarantee you that any Steeler fan who doesn’t have an official towel will fashion one out of any material he/she can get their hands on!!

    I lived in Pittsburgh until I was 41 then married a soldier and traveled to Germany, Virginia and have now settled in the Chicago area. The one constant while traveling with the military was that you could always find a “Pittsburgher.” Always, always.

    My six month old granddaughter who also lives in Chicago has a black and gold stroller dubbed the “Steeler Mobile.” It has a Steeler decal on the tray, black and gold pom poms on the handles and a Terrible Towel draping the stroller hood. I know she will be a Steeler fan, too. I love Chicago but I am very proud to be from Pittsburgh. Go Steelers!

    robert sprague says:

    this is a really cool thing, i would like to say thanx for keeping our troops in mind, i told one of our package handlers about this at work & he would like to know if he can donate a little cash for a towel, he has a relative who served & is a steelers fan, just wondering, thanx, rob.

    maria wheeler says:

    Wonderful, something so small but powerful to help our troops feel that they to can experience the Super Bowl experience. Thank you once again for FedEx to bring a piece of happiness to the much deserved men and women who serve and protect those who are in need. I hope you enjoy the game and know that I and millions of Americans appreaciate you and all your sacrifice.

    botox says:

    This is so awesome. I didn’t know the story behind the terrible towel, but what an awesome thing for fed ex to do! Now only are they supporting our troops, they are supporting a wonderful school that will continue to help children and adults. It’s great to see a company give back. Thanks!

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