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Trade, FedEx & the APEC CEO Summit

October 4, 2013

When you consider that China today exports 11.1% of world trade, or that Indonesia’s e-commerce trade grew 71% in 2013alone, it’s easy to see why Asia’s growth is increasingly felt worldwide.  

Yet trade expansion does not happen without smart policy. And that’s really the story behind why FedEx is supporting this week’s APEC CEO Summit in Bali, Indonesia.

More than ever, the future of trade must be built on a common pursuit and sense of purpose. That’s why organizations like APEC are so critical, and it’s why FedEx will once again join leaders of the world’s largest economies, as they share ideas and expand co-operation.

FedEx has been a regular at the summit for many years, and the importance of the event, like the importance of Asia itself in trade, is undisputed.

This year I’ll be joining our Chief Operating Officer and President, Mike Ducker, who is participating in a summit session on the state of the global trading system, with a focus on “where to next?”.

It’s a great opportunity to share how FedEx is helping grow and integrate economies by providing local access to businesses. And to talk about how we continue to make it easier for all businesses to engage in global trade.

For FedEx, one of the key issues is how we help Asia grow faster by simplifying e-commerce trade. In this regard, how we better empower small and medium-sized businesses is crucial.  

While Asia Pacific is the fastest growing e-commerce market in the world, it’s thought that SMEs still only generate around 30% of all exports.

Much of the hesitation comes from the daunting nature of export regulations, and rising complexity of customs. Now, more than ever, small business needs a level playing field that enables them to tap into the billions of people entering Asia’s new global middle class.

It’s just one reason why smart trade policy is more essential than ever, and why FedEx is proud to once again support this year’s APEC CEO Summit.

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