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November 10, 2008

From the earliest days of FedEx, we understood that our business was all about trust. We realized our customers were giving us more than just packages — they were entrusting us with important pieces of their businesses and sometimes important parts of their lives.

The world has changed a lot since 1973, but there’s still nothing more important to our success than trust. But today, trust is about more than getting a package delivered on time. Society trusts us to do the right thing as an employer, to be a thoughtful steward of the environment, to act responsibly in our local communities and to work to build shareowner value. We take that trust very seriously.

We know that the millions of people we touch around the world want transparency into the decisions we make. So we have decided to do just that. This FedEx Citizenship Blog aims to give people an honest, transparent view of our efforts. To that end, our blog focuses on four areas:

  1. Environment and efficiency
  2. Economics and access
  3. People and workplace
  4. Community and disaster relief

You’ll hear directly from the people at FedEx who are working to improve these key areas every day. And we welcome your feedback.


    Luis Perez says:


    It is amazing on how FedEx continues to lead the next generation of service. This new program is just another reason why I truely love this company. Ten years with FedEx Express and now 2 years with FedEx Office. How can I ever go wrong. Thank you for setting the expectations of the future.

    Luis Perez
    R47_D92_Boca South 1897

    Tori Nistico says:

    With the struggles of today, FedEx realizes the importance of quality and customer service. Customer service (almost extinct in the nation)has always been and continues to be #1 with FedEx! I believe it’s in the way our corporation views business as well as life in general. We always look at the glass half full never half empty… I personally try to remember everyday that:
    “The happiest of people don’t necessarily
    have the best of everything;They just make the most of EVERYTHING that comes along their way!”
    I think FEDEX remembers this too!

    Mathew Koshy says:

    The leadership in FedEx across is simply visionary and inspiring. We continue to do the right things in the most difficult of times which builds trust in our employees, customers and shareholders. Everyone can truly see what we’re committed to which simply not just about making money though it is an integral part of our existence. Across the globe we have investments in our people that ultimately believe in the PSP. this drives our business so hard and successfully in the remotest parts of the world….NZ for example where I work for FedEx !

    To see announcements on Global citizenship programs, charity, disaster relief, support on junior achievement at times like this is simply amazing.

    Many other companies admire what we do but few have the vision to strategise for the long term good, sustainability and progress in products/services etc. I’m extremely proud to be associated with such a company more so during tough times like this as this is where true leadership counts.

    Go FedEx … you’re Built to Last !!!


    Seeing your comment from New Zealand brought back wonderful memories of a bicycle trip I took through the south island of your beautiful country. During orientation on the first day with my tour group, two of the guides shared a tragic event from the trip prior to ours. One of the riders, a widower who was on the trip alone, was hit by a passing RV on a remote stretch of road on the way to a stay at a wilderness resort. The mirror of the vehicle struck the rider in the back of the head as it sped by and he was killed instantly. The guides were devestated. Especially during the same segment of our tour, the accident wore heavy on their hearts and minds.

    Knowing I worked at FedEx, one of the guides shared a touching story at the end of our 10-day trip. Guides routinely take photos throughout the trip to use later in tour company brochures and booklets. So they sent the photos from the previous tour to the family hoping they would arrive back in the U.S. in time for the memorial service. And they did! Just as the family was leaving for the service, the FedEx courrier arrived with the precious package that held images of the man’s joyous trip through breath-taking countryside.

    I’m sure the package went through Auckland operations. And while you would have no way of knowing it, because of the committed, reliable service provided by your team as well as everyone who touched the package on its journey around the world, a family was comforted in their time of grief. Imagine how meaningful it must have been for them to see their father/brother/uncle/grandfather riding in the wide open countryside amidst the amazing backdrop of New Zealand.

    Sometimes customers write or call to let us know FedEx came through for them. Since the pickup, trasport and delivery of this parcel, like millions of others each day, was uneventfully precise, you probably wouldn’t hear about it. So I wanted to pass on how much it meant to Wayne, the guide and photographer. In addition to providing a grieving family reassurance that their loved one was doing something extraordinary on the other side of the globe when he died, FedEx provided some satisfaction and relief for Wayne and Emma, who felt completely helpless in response to a tragic accident beyond their control.

    Thanks for making it possible for a family to see for themselves that their loved one lived out his last few days doing something scenic and remarkable captured for eternity.

    Ramon Lemus says:

    For sure this is the biggest challenge that we have ever faced. During difficult economic times it is so important that we focus on the job to be done and execute. As a FedEx team we must find the way and get to day light. Only together we will make it happen.

    Lets do it FedEx team !

    Ramón Lemus

    Dennis Hassler says:

    Yes, FedEx is an impressive company and Fred Smith has a commendable story, but FedEx isn’t
    as well run as they imagine.

    There are late deliveries and I noted they don’t always deliver on time.

    They have terrible billing practices and won’t look up account numbers if the Airbill is torn or any other detail is required. They are, in a word, lazy about doing anything extra.

    Certainly, I’ve been a customer for twenty years and I would commend them, but there’s no excuses for their constant screw-ups on proper invoicing and billing procedures. When you speak to their customer service people, they don’t connect with the problem and they won’t solve the real problem, but only mechanically respond – doing the very minimum without any thought or creativity.

    Certainly, they should have their system down pat; however, they are inefficient and irresponible on their billing system, apparently without any social conscience or concern about “doing it right the first time” so they waste everyone’s time and cost themselves a lot more money than if they’d just learn to do it right. One wonders whether they hire robots or thinkers – they just don’t go the extra mile anymore.

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