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‘Twas the Night before You Shipped a Package

December 14, 2012

You placed your order online at, or through the Ship to Friends App on Facebook, or you stood in line at a FedEx location to ship a package. You have your tracking number in hand or in your email box. Now what? For the customer and the recipient, there is not much more to do than enter your tracking number on, hit refresh, and watch the virtual progress.

But behind the scenes the FedEx operations are kicking into gear. At the core, it’s a simple goal: move your holiday gift from point A to point B. In reality, it can be quite complicated.

During holiday time, it is, of course, not just one package that needs to be delivered. FedEx will move an estimated 280,000,000 packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year – and on our busiest day (December 10) we handled more than 200 shipments per second! And while your holiday gift may only travel from New York City to Boston, FedEx accepts and delivers packages from more than 220 countries and territories around the world.

Here’s what FedEx uses to make sure packages arrive on time for the holidays:

  • 300,000+ team members
  • 90,000+ vehicles
  • 660+ aircraft
  • 11 FedEx Express Hubs
  • 33 FedEx Ground Hubs
  • 1,800+ FedEx Office locations
  • More than 650 FedEx Express and 550 FedEx Ground facilities nationwide
  • 53,000+ drop-off locations accepting holiday shipments
  • Many modes of transportation, including boats and gondolas, electric tricycles, all-electric delivery vans and hybrid-electric delivery vans
  • The Memphis World Hub that, when working at peak capacity, sorts 500,000 packages per hour across 42 miles of conveyor belt with 250 cameras monitoring every package’s movements. This hub is so big, it could house 680 football fields!

With multiple touch-points along the way, nearly a dozen individuals are likely to have a direct hand in making sure your gift makes its way to its final destination. The FedEx network, powered by a dedicated team of people making the most of the latest technology, is working overtime this holiday season to ensure your delivery is handled with the expertise FedEx is known for.

All you need to do is pack your gift with care and remember the key shipping deadlines. Leave the rest to FedEx.


    Gary says:

    Happy Holidays Carla!

    MayLyn says:

    I so admire all of the FedEx workers who make it all possible for all of us to recive our packages on time. My friends who work at FedEx, JK, Frank, Krissy and Cirtis have been working overtime and I admire them for what they do! Thank you for sharing this! I enjoyed it!

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