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Inside Each Universal Yums Box is a Delicious Geography Lesson

November 22, 2017

Chewy, crispy, salty, or chocolatey – Universal Yums can get you just the flavor you’ve been dreaming about. The new business ships boxes of yummy snacks from a different country every month.

Founders of the company, Monique and Eli, will help you explore some mouth-watering flavors from places like Germany, Israel, Japan, Turkey, and Russia. Enjoy this yummy geography lesson, with a dash of e-commerce!


    S Jessie says:


    Barbara Linhart says:

    I loved hearing about there story on how they started and they are still going strong in business and relationship. <3 might have to sign up and try this myself : )

    Iran Lawrence says:

    I am very happy for them. Their idea is culturally and geographically educational; but most importantly, their greatest asset is their unconditional and harmonious partnership. Congratulations!

    CAROL says:

    A very inspiring idea. Thanks!

    Chanceline Kanghere says:

    Wow! It a beautiful story and thx so much for being such a great model…

    Jose says:

    Looks Yummy !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lou S says:

    Sweet!! Samples?? 🙂

    DAVID Harris says:

    Hi Love what you are doing, question please – how do you ship chocolate without it melting ?



    Juleika says:

    Very good idea,creative, original and helpful. Thanks’!

    jenene m fox says:

    Where can I order a box?

    Jamie Newell says:

    Thanks FedEx for sharing and congrats to Universal Yums success!

    David Holtzman says:

    Fun! A snacks-only version of “Try the World”! Good shipping is very important.

    eorthe cild says:

    I love this ! I will have to try and share this, what a great idea.

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