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[VIDEO] EarthSmart Outreach in Indianapolis

June 23, 2011

Over 50 FedEx team members joined Keep Indianapolis Beautiful to help restore and beautify the Pogue’s Run watershed on the Eastside of Indianapolis. As part of the corporation’s EarthSmart Outreach program, FedEx employees in twelve cities have teamed with local nonprofit agencies for a day of service addressing pressing urban environmental challenges.


    Jenny Skehan says:

    Great video Fedex! I drive by that area all the time and it continues to look fantastic. Thanks for all the hard work on that day!

    Nate Faris says:

    Thank you, FedEx. High school youth are employed to water the trees weekly, and the trees are looking great!

    Ashlee Fujawa says:

    What a great project FedEx! With your help, we are successfully ‘greening’ up the Near Eastside.

    Phil G.D. Schaefer says:

    Donate a couple of hours of hard work and have fun at the same time, and you create a lasting impact on the neighborhood!

    Mark Adler says:

    Indianapolis is so lucky to have FedEx who are able to come out in force to provide such a great benefit. Keep it up and thank you!

    Linda Broadfoot says:

    Thank you so much for supporting the transformation of Indianapolis neighborhoods! FedEx is a tremendous corporate partner to Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc.

    Andrew Hart says:

    What a hard working crew! And the t-shirts were as bright as the employees…a really fun day and a big thank you to Fed Ex and their employees, who generously donated their day off to come out and plant trees!

    You showed that having fun and working hard can be done at the same time!!

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