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Video: Golden Opportunity

May 17, 2011

The Presidio Bluffs are spectacular, looking out on the Golden Gate Bridge. They’re part of a former military base that’s now a national park, so we’re working around historic fortifications and in sight of one of the world’s most scenic bridges. Over more than a century, the Army planted ground cover and other plants with the best of intentions, but we now understand that those invasive plants have taken over and crowded out beautiful – and sometimes endangered – native plants.
FedEx has been supporting the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy for many years. As the non-profit partner of the National Park Service, GGNPC manages the wonderful lands around the San Francisco Bay Area. Together with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, FedEx is giving financial and volunteer support to the Parks Conservancy for its Presidio Seed Lab, growing endangered and other native plant species to replace the invasive plants our team members helped remove.
While we were working at Presidio Bluffs, hundreds of people walked and bicycled by us, most of them visitors headed for the Bridge.  We heard thank-you’s for our efforts from people who had crossed oceans to see this world landmark.  It made me proud to get that recognition, working for a global company that crosses oceans every day, but still cares about the sustainability of the local communities it serves.

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