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[Video] Teach for America

May 25, 2011

I was honored to participate recently in the “Teach for America” program at the Paramount School of Excellence in Indianapolis.  Spending time in Mr. Hodge’s Fifth grade class was a tremendous experience for me. His passion and dedication to teaching and his students was inspiring. The children’s quest for knowledge was motivating.

Teach for America is a great program because it brings the best and brightest teachers into the areas that need them most.  And, these are the employees of the future and the leaders of the future. Some day they will run our company and run our country. If they don’t receive a great education and develop their minds and their skills, they won’t have the tools to succeed.

My daughter is a teacher and my wife and I have spent time in her classroom. I have a special spot in my heart for teachers and I am very proud of the Teach for America program and the role FedEx plays in classrooms across the country.

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