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We aren’t just busier this year – we’re earlier, too!

December 2, 2013

Working for FedEx during the holidays is like being a quarterback before the big game – you’ve spent all year preparing, and now the moment is here.

Today is the day we’ve all been working for – the busiest day of the year when we are expected to ship 22 million packages –11% more than our busiest day last year and more than twice as much as an average day at FedEx. Today also marks the beginning of the busiest week of the year, when we expect to handle more than 85 million shipments globally.

While every holiday season gets busier here at FedEx, this year the holiday rush is starting earlier, too! I know my family was busy this weekend taking advantage of all the online holiday deals — and that online shopping means FedEx will be busiest earlier in the season than ever before.

And although we project today will be our busiest day, we’ll probably see some more peaks in package volume (just like last year) throughout the season: Green Monday on December 9 and again a week later on December 16.

The orchestration of more than 600 planes, tens of thousands of trucks and hundreds of thousands of team members around the world is what allows FedEx to get holiday packages under the tree on time. And while this certainly means we’re busy at FedEx, in this season of giving, there is nothing more satisfying than delivering holiday joy.

Happy holidays – and here’s to our busiest season yet!


    Brian Neal says:

    It is awesome to be part of setting records and bringing holiday joy to millions of people. It’s even more awesome that we do all of this with the safety of our people and the safety of the millions of people we encounter daily at the heart of everything we do.

    Absolutely, positively, safety is in every action, decision, and the key element of a successful peak season.

    Thank you to the thousands of team members and independent business partners safely executing their plans while delivering outstanding customer experiences every minute of every day.

    Daniel Jorgenson says:

    I have a package coming today and one leaving today all went well.

    ernie robinson says:

    Busiest…no doubt. And from where I sit, we are the most prepared we’ve ever been. I like our chances for successfully fulfilling the Promise this Peak !

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