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We Go Beyond to Deliver Opportunity

September 19, 2012

FedEx provides the efficient access that businesses of all sizes need to succeed, build prosperous communities and raise living standards worldwide. Just ask a British mother who redesigned a simple handbag. In just three years this FedEx customer turned her product into a $3.3 million global business called Cambridge Satchel Company. Or talk to the founder of OtterBox, a company that makes protective cases for mobile devices. Thanks to the mastery of global supply chains, he grew his business from $5 million to almost $169 million in just three years, while creating more than 500 jobs in his hometown of Fort Collins, Colo.

Take a few minutes to watch inspiring videos of these two innovative businesses at


    Mary Glenn says:

    I really enjoyed watching the video on the Cambridge Satchel Company. I plan to buy one for myself! It’s amazing how this very small company grew so fast and provided so many jobs for this small community. Of course FedEx was a big part of that growth. I’m so proud to be a part of the FedEx family!!

    Ed Nichols says:

    Great story…Love the comments and the pride of Cambridge Satchel Company employees.
    Christine Upton said “They brought jobs back here before skills were lost”. US needs to take note.
    Freida Thomas (Mom)said “We must succeed.”
    (Only Churchill could have said it better. :))
    FedEX provides access to the world….Go FedEx!

    I see multiple purchases in my future…

    arief wibowo says:

    I like the tagline, “..Deliver Opportunity” and that’s what we are doing now, same like Mary, I’m so proud to be a part of the FedEx family!!

    MayLyn says:

    I so enjoyed it! FedEx has done some wonderful things and I’m so grateful to be a volunteer and get to be apart of so many wonderful things that FedEx does each and every day!

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