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We May Be Big, But We Think Small…

May 21, 2012

…Small Business, that is. And we can think smartly about the needs of small business because, just about 40 years ago, we started as one.

Today we have nearly 300,000 team members worldwide, but we still get what it takes to be a small business – around-the-clock dedication, a passion for customer service, and the ability to anticipate your customers’ every desire so that they know you can always be counted on. That’s in the DNA of every small business. It’s also the driving thought behind our Purple Promise: to make every FedEx experience outstanding.

I am honored to work with many of our small business customers every day in my marketing role at FedEx.  To celebrate the extraordinary role these companies play in the vibrancy of our economy, we’re marking Small Business Week with events, activities and discounts all across our organization. 

Here’s a snapshot of what’s going on:

  • Tomorrow, May 22, our founder, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Fred Smith will help mark the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s 100th anniversary with a speech at the organization’s “America’s Small Business Summit.” His topic, “How Small Business Can Achieve Big Business Success” will kick off the day’s many panel sessions designed to help small businesses identify and act on opportunities even in today’s challenging business environment. Check out the live stream video of his speech tomorrow at 8:30 am CT here.
  • Some of my colleagues are also participating on a panel at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s “America’s Small Business Summit,” where we’ll discuss opportunities for small businesses to grow through global trade. The idea of sourcing or selling products globally is often overwhelming to small businesses, but the tools are out there to make it easy – and the business potential it opens up is endless! Just check out this video from one of our customers, OtterBox, who is also speaking on the panel moderated by my colleague Jill Brannon.
  • A recent study we jointly conducted with the American Red Cross showed that half of small businesses in the United States have not taken action to prepare for disasters that are likely for their regions, so we’re co-hosting a virtual roundtable tomorrow, May 22, at 11:30 am CT on small business disaster preparation. The participants will be in Joplin, Mo., (where dozens of small businesses were impacted by the destruction of violent tornadoes in 2011) and webcast to the world on the FedEx Facebook page here.
  • FedEx Office® is also taking to social media channels tomorrow for the final installment of its three-part small business tweet chat series. The FedEx Office Twitter handle will be joined by Gene Marks (@GeneMarks) for a discussion of how to use networking and lead generation to grow small business revenue in 2012. The session starts at 12 pm CT on Tuesday, May 22. Watch the conversation or participate by following @FedExOffice and using #FedExOffice in your tweets.
  • FedEx Office will have a one-day-only, 29-cent sale on color copies on Wednesday, May 23, in celebration of Small Business Week. For more information, click here.

And while FedEx itself is a “big business,” I’d be remiss if I didn’t take a second in this post to thank all of the small businesses who make up our operations at FedEx Ground. The FedEx Ground operating company utilizes nearly 9,000 independent contractors for its pickup, transport and delivery operations. These companies were established by entrepreneurs who are creating jobs, purchasing equipment, and contributing to local economies throughout the U.S.

Small business and big business working together to keep everyone growing – that’s what we’re celebrating here at FedEx this Small Business Week! Hope everyone reading this will check out the many events and activities we’ve got going on this week to mark the occasion.


    Renee says:

    Very Nice!

    MayLyn says:

    Thank you so much Denise YunKun for sharing this wonderful information about FedEx! I enjoyed reading it and learned a lot!

    Steve Reynolds says:

    I sure will Denise! Thanks for posting!


    Steve Reynolds says:

    Hey guys, can you rebroadcast Mr. Smith’s msg? I only got about the last sentence. They were broadcasting from facebook but I don’t think from the Chamber of Commerce site.

    Mary Walsh says:

    Thank you Denise! And thank you so much for highlighting so many ways we are celebrating Small Business Week!
    I see more from our Press Release:
    And loved the video highlighting OtterBox.
    Especially their cool headquarters with a Slide! And how they encourage gearing their Business towards their Employees, Careers, etc.
    Great Stuff!

    Sandy Posega says:

    Very interesting stuff! And thanks for the shout out to FedEx Ground!

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