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We See Engineers and Lawyers… Not Dropouts

November 9, 2015

Georgia’s high school graduation rate, like that of many states in the South, is lagging behind the national average. In fact, about a third of all students in Georgia drop out before earning their high school diploma. Instead of believing some kids will just fall through the cracks, FedEx team members in Atlanta see a future where all children can realize their potential – despite the odds against them.

Take seventh grader, Edgar Nolasco-Mendoza. He’s set his sights set on Caltech.

Nolasco-Mendoza is just one of the many gifted students attending Floyd Middle School in Cobb County, Georgia. Floyd caters to 922 students, who eventually filter into the county’s high schools. With an 86% minority population and 80% coming from economically disadvantaged families, Floyd depends on resources beyond state funding to help students succeed.

As part of its FedEx Cares initiative in Atlanta, FedEx teamed up with Heart of America to ensure kids like Nolasco-Mendoza have the chance they deserve. FedEx funding and volunteer hours aim to create vibrant learning spaces for students across Georgia, including refurbished libraries, outdoor classrooms and career readiness centers.

After months of preparation, 54 FedEx volunteers from six different OpCos, gathered at Floyd Middle School on October 9th. Volunteers spent the day finishing a new career center designed to provide modern literacy and technology resources for Floyd students. The space is now ready to host technology seminars, job fairs, college speakers and help students hone interview skills. Floyd teachers also were treated to a shopping experience created by FedEx volunteers, distributing much-needed school supplies – enough to fill 261 purple tote bags.

Ultimately, Floyd’s new career center will build upon students’ skills, which will in turn help them become informed, prepared and contributing members of the Cobb County community.

In the words of Nolasco-Mendoza, “The way that they designed it, I really like it — the technology, giving us free books that will help us and improve our learning,” he said, adding that he knows it is important to use those and other school resources to prepare himself for the years to come. “It’s my opportunity,” he said. “It’s my obligation.”*

*Source: Marietta Daily Journal



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