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Welcoming the 767 to Our Fleet

September 4, 2013

Update 9/30/2013. Take a peek behind the scenes of our new 767 construction:

Like the old saying goes, nothing is constant in life except change, and we’re on the verge of a big one as we count down the minutes to the delivery of FedEx’s first Boeing 767. Personally, it has been very exciting for me to be a part of the process all the way from what started as a single mission several years ago: the evaluation of a domestic widebody replacement aircraft.  Evaluating the different alternatives and observing the competition between different types led to the selection of the 767 in fall 2011. Then the long process of the purchase agreement, the excitement of seeing the building process begin—- it all culminates now in the first delivery on Sept. 4.

Most Boeing widebodies are assembled at the Boeing factory in Everett, Washington – they produce 767s, 777s, 787s and 747s, all in the same huge facility.  We have followed the airplane through the production line for months, and it was amazing to see it come from many sub-assemblies into the final assembly process and finally roll off the line in July. There are FedEx employees stationed at the factory so they can help monitor the process every step of the way. The airplane comes out unpainted, so the first order of business is to roll it into the paint hangar. One of the best moments has been seeing the aircraft come out of the paint hangar in bright, shiny FedEx livery.

Because this is what’s called the “first of model” – the first 767 for FedEx – it has some configuration differences that are unique to us. Because of that, even though it’s a well-proven production airplane, it must go through a certification flight test program. That process is wrapping up now, and then our airplane will take its place in a “stall” on the Boeing delivery ramp, waiting for us to take delivery.

The 767s will gradually take the place of our MD10s as they are retired. Right now, as we get closer to the introduction of the aircraft into the fleet, dozens of different groups within Air Ops are ramping up to support it. Maintenance planning and training; technical training for mechanics and engineers; pilots going through transition training— this has been a huge team effort, touching virtually every part of Air Operations.



    Ali Azam Amir says:

    Mashallah, What a nice flight!

    glenn murphy says:

    You mean we have Fedex employees watching a plane being built at a Boeing facility….and we’re suppose to worry about being productive…..Give me break!

    Rafael Martínez says:

    The 67 is my favorite airplane, it has a very good looking structure, I am looking forward to get the training for it. Welcome to FedEx, beauty!

    Marco De la Rosa says:

    congratulations, this is a very good airplane

    Concepcion Perez says:

    Welcome the first 767. I hope see one in TLCR.

    Travis says:

    I’ll miss the MD10’s along with the DC10’s and 727’s. The world needs cool looking Trijets not boring twins.

    Heru Sedyanto says:

    Looking forward to see this aircraft flying in APAC

    Binu Jose says:

    It’s giving us pleasure !Very Happy to know !

    Christian says:

    Nice bird 🙂 Any name yet?


    Superb Flight

    Asad Ahmed Jeelani says:


    hari bhawan singh says:

    Looking forward to see this plane in India for domestic operation.

    Shyam Sunder Ghose says:

    Beauty! congrats!! love to see this bird flying thru Indian sky

    Garth says:

    i hate to say this but this changer over should have happened 8 years ago. the DC-10’s have served thier purpose well

    Muralidharan Murugappan says:

    Congratulations! on bringing this sweet flying machine on board.

    Shameel Mandol says:

    Love to see these big purple tails. It really makes your pores raise when you see these up close and personal. I love working for our company….

    Yele Ponzoua says:

    Nice to realize this!!

    Joe Sheffield says:

    Looks like a good addition to our fleet.

    Chris Bae says:

    Wow!!! Can’t wait to see this bird fly to ICN. Wish her all the best^^

    piotr sobieraj says:

    amazing view.

    Stella Winfield says:

    I sure hope I can see this in real life. Since we do not have the jump seat anymore, I sure hope to see it sometime this year! I can only imagine!!

    Winston Rodricks says:

    It looks a real beauty in the Fedex colours.

    Keith Hale says:

    Well she has arrived now and she is beautiful. This is going to be such a nice fun aircraft to have in our inventory.

    Stanley says:

    Congratulations, new gears are exciting to play with. Does FEDEx expect any business advantage with this new planes?

    john wallace says:

    When will we see one in KAUS? Have a friend in the school house on the 76.

    Prabhu says:

    Wov superb !

    Lou Stefan says:

    Go Team FEDEX!
    Looks like a great acquisition.

    prashant more says:

    It looks a real beauty in the lovely Fedex colours.

    greg jeffrey says:

    We converted our LD3 dollies over to accept the 767 cargo cans ..bring her on

    Frances Mcneil says:

    I have always been fascinated by planes. That was nice.

    Omprakash fajge says:

    Superb……. Go ahed……….Fedex…….

    Nan Morgan says:

    That was amazing to watch. It’s gorgeous!

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