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February 20, 2009

After a long week on the road last week I had the opportunity to engage in conversations with many team members concerning the additional pressures of balancing our checkbooks and our work lives. I heard that the team clearly understands where our economy is as a nation.   I was encouraged by your support of our management team and especially our terrific Chairman.  It reminded me just how great it is to work with people, at all levels, who really understand our business and what we need to do to ensure we continue making this company the best it can be. 

I’ve received many supportive comments thought my blog postings from team members and I thank them for sharing their thoughts and support.  While FedEx has made some tough decisions to keep the company competitive through this rough economic time many haven’t lost sight of working for our customers.  In fact, many team members have been providing additional cost cutting ideas to their local management teams.  The company we will get through this difficult time and we will come through with new ideas that will make us be a stronger company for our customers and our team members.

More Questions: When will it get better?

The only easy answer is, no one really knows.  Our Chairman has set the goal for the company to come out stronger than it was before the trouble began.  So, it’s very surprising to receive so much advice for ways to cut unnecessary cost, create new ideas and better ways of operating.

Norman Vincent Peale said, “Any problem facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure.”   We continue to look at every customer with a positive attitude and show them how and why we are the best to serve them!    We have a motto in customer service, “Making Every Moment Reflect our Commitment to Our Customers!”  And, I want to give credit to the Memphis Call center that came up with this slogan.  It’s so right on.  It’s impressive for me to see the team rally and be a great solution to help the company and each other during this tough time.

Our goal remains the same, as we acquire new customers and continue to serve existing customers we want to “wow” them and give them service that will blow their socks off!

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