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What is a Gecko? FedEx China Investigates

January 23, 2009

As a FedEx HR executive in Wuhan, the capital city in central China’s Hubei Province, Chris Li is particularly keen on volunteering in various local charitable activities. Now he will put his enthusiastic volunteerism to work.

FedEx has recently teamed up with GECKO (Greennovate Environmental Challenge for Kids Outreach) to introduce environmental awareness to youth in Wuhan. It is the first environmental program FedEx has introduced in China.

FedEx employees in Wuhan play a vital role in the program. They will work closely with GECKO as volunteers to design and deliver environmental presentations to the students in Wuhan middle schools.

With the goal of building a solid understanding of environmental basics as well as getting employees directly involved in raising environmental awareness in their community, the program has seen great enthusiasm from FedEx employees in Wuhan. A total of 85 Wuhan-based FedEx employees have signed up to volunteer for this program.

Here’s what a few of the participants had to say:

  • “We are bringing the GECKO program to increase the environmental awareness in Wuhan. I have seen tremendous enthusiasm and volunteerism from FedEx volunteers in this project. We have a very good group of people to work with. Involving FedEx volunteers will make environmental awareness programs around Wuhan sustainable.” Mihela Hladin, Director of Greennovate
  • “We cannot only receive while not giving, I join the program to gain knowledge of the environment and deliver this knowledge to others. I hope it will be helpful to the world and our next generation.” – Chris Li
  • “I signed up as a volunteer not only to learn more about environmental protection, but also to influence and increase environmental awareness among others.” Wuhan operation manager Michael Hong

As a part of the GECKO program, a six-month series of “Train the Trainer” sessions have been arranged with the GECKO team teaching FedEx volunteers environmental basics and presentation skills so that they will be able to deliver presentations to youth in the surrounding schools.

The first “Train the Trainer” session was held on Oct. 23 at the FedEx office building in Wuhan. Focusing on the topic of “Sustainability,” the GECKO team introduced the definition of “Sustainability” and what we need for sustainable development.  Sixty-seven FedEx volunteers came to the first “Train the Trainer” session, which consisted of vivid presentation, interactive games, work shop discussions and an environmental movie.

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