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“What’s Your Sign?” – Not Just a Conversation Opener

May 14, 2012

When it comes to the dating game, some people say your astrological sign says a lot about your personality. A small business “sign” can tell a lot about your business, too. In March 2012, FedEx Office conducted a survey that explored the connections between small business signage and positive consumer action. Here’s what we learned, along with some tips to help “attract” customers.
Catch their attention.
“Love at first sight” can apply to small businesses, too. Our survey found that 76 percent of Americans would enter a store they have never visited before based on the appeal of a sign, while 68 percent have purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye.
Cut out the first-date small talk.
When it comes to business signage, customers prefer to skip the dating game and cut right to the chase. Both men (60 percent) and women (76 percent) agree that the readability of a sign is a quality they hold to a higher standard. Other important signage traits included creativity and color.
Make a good first impression.
The FedEx Office survey tells us that small business should court their customers with five-star signage. Sixty-eight percent of consumers think a store’s signage reflects the quality of its products and services. Small businesses should display professional looking signage, and omit offensive words.
Not only does FedEx Office have the expertise on how to create signage that makes you do a double-take –our specialists are also available every day to put the power of savvy signage to work at your store at event, while also saving money. Now through May 31, 2012, popular signage solutions are available at up to 40 percent off retail prices through the Print Big, Save Big promotion.
Check out the rest of the survey results below for tips on how you can help attract customers to your small business!

What's Your Sign

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