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When Peace of Mind is Your Highest Priority

October 8, 2012

I recently had the honor of introducing our founder and CEO, Frederick W. Smith, at the FedEx HealthCare Solutions Summit in New York City. In that introduction, I talked about the innovative spirit that has powered FedEx from its inception, and how the passionate curiosity of this business icon permeates the entire culture of the company.  In the beginning he asked that age-old question “What if…?”, and the world is a better place as a result. After all, Fred Smith’s answer to the question “What if there was a better way to deliver goods?” led to a faster, more reliable delivery system and created the overnight transportation industry.

Naturally we did not stop there, though. Throughout FedEx’s almost forty year history we have continued to ask that question over and over again:

  • “What if we could provide our customers with more information about the status of their shipment?”
  • “What if we could deliver packages even earlier?”
  • “What if we took this hub-and-spokes model based delivery system beyond the United States?”
  • “What if we took our know-how, our culture and our systems and applied them to the ground parcel business…or to the LTL business…or to freight forwarding?”
  • “What if we could provide a better logistics model for critical inventory?”
  • “What if we had more retail access points for shipping that could also support your back office needs?”
  • “What if we could tell you in near real-time what’s going on inside the box?”

Sometimes you find that the answers to your questions lead to even more questions, and when you can now provide customers with more information about their shipment—even down to information about what is going on inside the package itself via our SenseAware offering—the next logical question is “What can FedEx do if my shipment is at risk?” Well, I am happy to say that we can do a lot.

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you had a guardian angel watching over your most critical shipments, then FedEx Priority AlertTM was designed for you. Priority Alert is a specialized value-added service that provides the highest level of reliable monitoring for time and temperature-sensitive goods. It caters to industries that need advanced monitoring and intervention features, such as the financial, aerospace, electronics, manufacturing and healthcare industries; providing them with 24/7 personnel support from an assigned global service analyst who knows their business to ensure careful monitoring and proactive notification of the status of an urgent shipment. The service also offers customers priority status when it comes to loading and unloading, considering the contents are often healthcare related and could be needed for life-saving procedures.

We’ve recently expanded the Priority Alert offering beyond the current domestic U.S.-only scope to include international availability in more than 70 countries that span the globe and five additional countries for domestic service (United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Switzerland, India and Canada). This makes it a true international force, offering both inbound and outbound service to our customers. The expansion also includes Priority Alert Plus, a service targeted specifically at the healthcare industry to offer proactive recovery options like dry ice replenishment, gel pack reconditioning or access to cold storage to preserve the shipment’s integrity until delivery can be completed.

Ultimately this expansion not only offers value to contract customers by broadening the international reach and the scope of Priority Alert’s capabilities, but it also gives them added assurance and peace of mind that critical shipments will be proactively monitored and handled with highest priority from beginning to end. The “Priority Alert” status, signified by a bright pink tape around the package, signifies to everyone who handles it that this shipment must be protected because it could be a life-saving cancer drug or medical device needed for an emergency surgery. So while FedEx views every package as important, these have a level of criticality that requires extra special awareness and care.

Our customers’ needs are global and growing, and we’re keeping pace by continuing to ask those “What if…?” questions in order to stay ahead of those needs. At FedEx we are in the business of connecting large and small businesses, and economies and industries all over the world. Now with even more peace of mind delivered when it matters most.

Richard Smith

Vice President of Global Trade Services

As Vice President of Global Trade Services, Richard W. Smith leads all U.S. based international operations for FedEx Express, the largest FedEx operating company, based in Memphis, Tennessee. He is responsible for ensuring global regulatory compliance, providing customers with regulatory assistance, measuring and improving global clearance performance, providing planning and engineering support, developing and implementing U.S. International line haul solutions, maximizing U.S. export freight profitability and designing and executing specialized services for the life sciences industry and other target verticals.

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