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Why I Fly – A FedEx pilot’s view on Saving Sight Worldwide with ORBIS

August 11, 2011

I’m a FedEx pilot, and I consider myself as having one of the absolute best jobs in the world. I have the privilege of playing a role in helping the world operate in the 21st century. Our FedEx airplanes deliver critical parts, products, and materials all over the Earth, every day.

And while my job alone is incredible, I’m afforded an even greater opportunity through that job – for the past 10 years I have been one of the volunteer FedEx pilots who fly the ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital. ORBIS International is an non-profit dedicated to Saving Sight Worldwide.

ORBIS identifies areas of the globe that have a need for improving overall vision health, then flies to that location with a team of eye doctors and professors. They help immediately through performing surgeries not available locally, but they also leave behind a lasting legacy as they instruct local doctors in modern medical techniques. This way, the treatment of vision problems continues long after the aircraft has departed.

Over 75% of the pilots of the ORBIS jet are FedEx volunteers. FedEx Express also provides the maintenance and training, and even provided the next generation airplane – an MD10!

I’ve volunteered to use vacation to fly about 50 ORBIS flights all over Asia, Africa and the Middle East. For me, nothing can replace the experience of witnessing an operation and seeing a child get the gift of sight. I just wish that all of our FedEx family could witness these things for themselves. It gives you a whole new perspective on ‘seeing the world!’

Click here to learn more about ORBIS and how you can help save sight worldwide.


    Matthew Jay says:

    It is this kind of good social programs that makes me want to join the FedEx Express team. No U.S. company gives back to the world community more. Keep us the good work FedEx.

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