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Women’s History Month: Profiles in Trucking

March 14, 2019

In honor of Women’s History Month, we asked several drivers who are charting their own unique paths in the transportation industry to share what their jobs mean to them and why a diverse workforce is so important.

Rachel Douglas & LaNausha Harvey-Kelso
FedEx Freight City Drivers—Cleveland, Ohio

What one thing are you most proud of in your career?

Rachel: I’m proud of myself for actually following through and pursuing my dream. It took me a while to realize that being a professional driver is what I want to do.

LaNausha: I’m most proud of the fact that my daughter Rachel wants to follow in my footsteps in her career. I’m proud of the example I’m able to set for her.

Who has inspired you in your career? 

Rachel: Both of my parents who are professional drivers. My mom drives for FedEx Freight, so it makes me really happy when I see my her in the city throughout the day.

LaNausha: My daughters, Rachel and Brittney, and my grandmother inspired my career. My grandmother always told me I could be anything I wanted to be.

Why is it important for more women to consider trucking as a career choice? Are there any tips you’d give to women pursuing a career in trucking? 

Rachel: It is important because women can be excellent professional drivers, just like men can. A lot of women become discouraged because they think it’s a career for men only. If a woman is looking to go into the trucking industry, I encourage her to pursue her dreams and remember that practice makes perfect.

LaNausha: It’s important for women to consider this field because the sky is the limit! If you’re looking to pursue a career in trucking, you have to be very patient and enjoy what you do. Sometimes the job is hard, but always remember that you can do it. My motto is mind over matter. If you don’t succeed at something the first time, that’s ok. What’s important is that you tried.

Tina Peterson
Driver for Ravenwood Transport, Inc., a service provider under contract with FedEx Ground—Blaine, Minnesota

What is it like to navigate the open road for a living?
Imagine…. The hum of the engine. The truck cab’s gentle sway. The familiar feel of your hands on the steering wheel. Sounds of your favorite song on the radio. The taste of a good cup of coffee. Another windshield sunset reflecting in your eyes. That is LIVING on the open road.

What one thing are you most proud of in your career?
Becoming an owner operator. I simply love trucks! The public’s perception and image of the trucking industry is very important to me, so I take great pride in keeping my truck mechanically safe and sound and looking its best.

Why is it important for more women to consider a career in trucking? Are there any tips you’d give women pursuing a career in trucking?
There are many trucking jobs that could be filled by women! If you are pursuing a career in trucking, a few things to think about: How often do you want to be home? Do you want to be local? Regional? All over the United States? How many miles do you want to drive each day? What kind of freight do you want to haul? There are all sorts of niches in trucking—find the match for you!

Christine Saunders
TNT Driver and Instructor – Worcester, UK

What is it like to navigate the open road for a living?
It can be interesting, challenging and enjoyable. Having to change and adapt to achieve targets while dealing with ever-changing road scenarios.

What one thing are you most proud of in your career?
Being nominated for and reaching the final of Everywoman in the Driver of the Year category.

Why is it important for more women to consider trucking as a career choice?
Women are half the population; by encouraging more women into the industry, there is a bigger pool of talent to choose from.

Are there any tips you’d give to women pursuing a career in trucking?
Give it a go! There are many different types of job available in different sectors of the industry. Be yourself; there is no need to act differently. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

Nikki Weaver
FedEx Freight Road Driver—N. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

What is it like to navigate the open road for a living?
It’s fun, it’s challenging and it’s very rewarding. I love what I do! I enjoy working with the motoring public. You can learn a lot about the world from behind the wheel of a truck—it’s always an adventure.

What one thing are you most proud of in your career?
I am most proud of my safe miles. I’ve driven more than 1.7 million miles without an accident or citation. That’s the equivalent of being on my way back from my fourth trip to the moon!

Why is it important for more women to consider trucking as a career choice? Are there any tips you’d give to women pursuing a career in trucking?
I think everyone should do what makes them happy, and a woman who likes to drive should definitely be behind the wheel. Our industry has many great opportunities! Always be professional, do plenty of research and decide what you want your career to look like. Find a great company and stick with it!


    Dorris Forstall says:

    This is a terrific piece. I salute these strong, courageous FedEx women!

    Angela E. says:

    Awesome job ladies keep standing strong and representing women in the work place. Hats off to the three generation trio, that’s history standing strong in the family. Good looking out. Be safe and Drive safe!!

    Angela J. (Coach A.J.) Nealy, M.S. says:

    Bravo! Awesome! Drive on!

    Olivia M says:

    I love these stories. I love driving on the open road. If only I was younger!

    Wendy Doric says:

    I love this story line, and love seeing women in the trucking industry.

    Julie Davis says:

    I echo each of the previous comments! Thank you for representing women so well!

    Lillian Anderson says:

    You Ladies inspire me!

    Tyrone Swift says:

    I really, really appreciate this tribute to the Lady Truck Drivers; it was so refreshing to hear their stories, and they seemed so enthusiastic about their trucking careers. I wish them continued safe driving, and a very pleasant career.

    Michelle Best says:

    Congrats to all of the women drivers. Continued blessings. Have a great career driving.

    Anonymous says:

    Ride on!

    Nicole says:

    Love this…Women ROCK!!

    Lena W says:

    Yes!!! What a great write-up! Ladies be safe out there! GO FEDEX!

    Michael Bauers says:

    Enjoyed reading profiles of multiple women drivers.

    Always glad to see more jobs diversifying. I know my field, software engineering/programming could use more gender diversity.

    Dedee Gonzales says:

    WOMEN rock!! Love the acknowledging of women in the trucking field! This peace made me smile! Sending continued positive vibes and safe days to them 🙂

    Jennifer says:

    Thank you, Ladies. Your stories are inspirational and a wonderful reflection of how WOMEN CAN!

    Laura says:

    I’m from Mexico, I’ve never in my life seen a woman freight Driver, it’s inspirational to see woman succeding in all areas. I hope we can achieve the same levels of inclusion.
    Awsome job Ladies, thanks for sharing your stories.

    LaTuanya says:

    These women are awesome! GO! GO! GET IT! GET IT! Very inspirational!

    Trish says:

    I’m glad to see an article about women truckers. There are so few on the road. When I do happen to see a female driver it makes me smile because I know how hard they worked to get there.
    I participated in the State Truck Driving Championships last year. I won 1st place for best Pre-Trip inspection and 3rd for the obstacle course.
    Out of nearly 200 drivers competing there were about 10 females. At the end of the competition I had so many women, competitors and non-competitors, come up to me. They told me it was refreshing to see a woman win not 1 but 2 awards. Some of the women were truck drivers and they told me I gave them courage to participate in the competition next year. I can’t wait to see them.
    I hope this article inspires many more women.

    Penny G says:

    I’m actively pursuing a driving career. 23 years in airplanes. Now it’s time to try the wheels side of FedEx Express!

    Surinder Bahara says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, inspiration for other women. Hats off to these ladies!

    Jeff says:

    Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing your stories.

    Icilma Yearwood says:

    Keep on TRUCKIN’ Ladies 🙂

    dc says:

    Way to represent! Stay safe and keep conquering the road!

    kendra butler says:

    This inspirational.”We Can Do It!” love these stories

    Jeanette Velasquez says:

    This is so inspiring. SUPER AWESOME LADIES!!!!!!


    great job ladies. its so proud for all women drivers, GO FOR IT!!

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