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Worklife Balance with Holiday Cheer

December 10, 2009

The holidays are upon us. This year feels different than in years past, as there seems to be a slight recovery for the U.S. economy.  What I hope this means for us at FedEx is our customers and their recipients will be using our great services at a greater rate this year. 

Our customers will count on us to get shipments to warehouses, store fronts, businesses, homes, or where ever else they need us to deliver to. In addition, our printing will increase due to all the needs in holiday messaging, cards, pictures and overall printing needs.  And, we recently announced we’d have our busiest day on Dec 14 this year.  It’s exciting.

This means we have to come to work ready to be of service to our customers and ensure we direct the customer to the FedEx solution that best meets their needs.  We need to be our best because our customers depend on it, but we also need to do it for ourselves.  You’ve probably heard the saying before, “you must take care of yourself first before you can take care of others.” 
So the million dollar question is, how can I take care of myself when there is so much to do inside and outside of work? As you know there has been much written on Work/Life balance by experts in this area and those tips are valid and worth your review.

However, I felt it is important to see what others at FedEx do to balance their lives at FedEx during our peak season.  Here are the results of my informal poll I conducted from some of our team members:

  1. Plan and Stay Organized.   You will have work events, family and friend events, school programs, etc.  So with an organized calendar then all items are planned and documented.  This documentation lets you see where you might be over scheduled.  Step one is to stay organized.
  2. Take Charge and set your Priorities.  You will have to make some decisions on what you can and what you can’t attend.  At this point many of us get overwhelmed with too many tasks, events and time where our presence is needed.  By setting priorities and making the tough decisions on what we can do – we actually buck the trend of trying to do it all.  This way we are doing the things that are truly important and can be worked into our schedule within a balanced timeframe. Avoid procrastination.  Putting off something that should be prioritized as important will add stress to your life.  This is unnecessary.  So jump in and get it done.
  3. Simplify/Rejuvenate/Nourish body and Soul.   Remember rest is an important factor to our ability to perform, whether it is at work or at home.  During this holiday season we all have added responsibilities that add to our tasks and priorities list.  Following your prioritized list and make sure you do not take on too much.  Ask for help from peers, managers, family members, friends or where ever you can to get help and support.  Don’t be shy.  It is ok to ask for help.  You do not have to do it all alone.  Also, make sure you build in time to rest and exercise.  Eat well. Eat food loaded with color such as fruits, vegetables and good proteins to give us fuel to march on.  Prioritize time to take care of you.  Take it a day at a time. 

In summary, our customers and your family and friends are counting on us to help all have a great holiday season.  You can get through this very busy time and enjoy each day with great energy and cheer!  Life is full of choices and we have in our power to make those choices that enable us to live healthier fuller lives.  I, along with you, take on the challenge to be the best I can be this holiday season and balance my life so our customers get the best of me!  This is the gift I will give myself, I hope you do too! 

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