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Wrap It Up, Pack It Up, Ship It Out

November 23, 2012

There’s nothing worse than putting all that time and effort into picking out the perfect gift, only to discover that it didn’t arrive quite so perfectly due to poor packaging.

At FedEx Office, we’re the experts when it comes to packaging your items. Over the years, my team and I have packed thousands upon thousands of gifts and know all the tricks to ensure each item – no matter what it is – arrives in great shape. Here’s our advice to help you pack and ship your gifts this holiday season, but when in doubt just visit your local FedEx Office and we’ll give you a hand.

  1. Select your shipping box, using a sturdy box (preferably new!) with no holes, tears, or corner dents. If you’re shipping something fragile you may actually need two boxes, one nested inside the other, for maximum protection.
  2. Wrap that gift well, especially if it’s fragile. If your gift isn’t the sturdiest, take precautions by wrapping it in bubble wrap (with bubbles facing in) before putting it in your shipping box. You can also put that bubble-wrapped item in the “inner box” we talk about above as an added layer of security. And here’s a tip when using bubble wrap to protect a fragile item: use painter’s tape instead of packing tape to secure it. It’s much easier to get off when your recipient is unwrapping the gift!
  3. Cushion the gift or inner box using just the right amount of padding material – like bubble wrap, biodegradable packing peanuts or densely packed paper. We recommend at least 1” of cushioning on all sides. Once you think you have enough cushioning, give the box a light shake. If you hear anything moving around, add more cushioning!
  4. Label the box inside and out. Before you close up the box, include an address card with your recipient’s address and your return address. It’s always possible that something unexpected can happen in the shipping process. Including the name and address of a package’s recipient in the box is an added layer of protection to make sure your gift arrives at the right place before the big day.
  5. Seal the box on all sides using tape designed for packing, not duct, masking or painter’s tape. Avoid wrapping the box with paper or string as it can get caught in automated processing equipment. When you seal the center and side seams it should look like a letter H – that’s why we call this step the “H-Tape Method.”
  6. Ship early and avoid the lines. Remember, the last day to ship for pre-Christmas delivery is December 17 for FedEx Ground and December 22 for FedEx Express.
  7. When in doubt, hold it! Not sure if your recipient will be home to accept delivery or don’t want gifts piling up at the door? Then Hold at FedEx Location and Redirect to Hold are for you. This complimentary service keeps packages securely stored at a nearby FedEx Office location for up to seven days, so they can be picked up at the time most convenient for your loved one.

And like I said, if all else fails, come on down to FedEx Office and we can take care of the packing for you. Our packing services start at just $4.99 and are a great way to save time and cut the stress during the busy season.

If you stop by between November 26 and December 2 your purchase will also help support our “Pack, Ship & Give” program, which donates $1 for each Pack & Ship transaction to New York and New Jersey food banks, up to $50,000. The money will help the food banks provide warm meals and groceries to victims of Superstorm Sandy. Each dollar donated as part of the “Pack, Ship & Give” program will provide five warm meals through the Food Bank For New York City or $10 worth of groceries through the Community FoodBank of New Jersey.

We hope to see you this holiday season!


    MayLyn says:

    I always rely on FedEx for my packaging needs for all of my ebay items being shipped out each and every day! FedEx does the best packaging that UPS and DHL never did! I’m so blessed to have a wonderful shipping company that I can trust and that is FedEx! Thank you FedEx for everything! You are my life saver for my ebay business!

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