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You Have To Walk Before You Can Fly

November 18, 2008

“Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.” – Steven Wright

In a previous post, I discussed how our 2008 FedEx Global Citizenship Report helps to show where we are going, how far we have gone, and how far we have to go. But the recent publishing of this report does not mean we are at the start of the trip here and now in late 2008. If so, we would have had no results or progress to present. The truth is that we have been practicing sustainability for some time – in essence, we are on our way, having chewed up some ground already on this sustainability walk. But, we realize that we still have some distance to go just yet.

Take aircraft for instance. Our FedEx Global Citizenship Report details our improvement in carbon dioxide emissions per available ton mile (think weight AND distance) by 3.7% since 2005, while increasing our revenue (see the included chart).We are working toward a 20% reduction in emissions per available ton mile by 2020. Doing the math shows that we are 18% of the way to that goal. Remember that 2005 baseline? Three years ago? This is work in progress.

To date, our accomplishments have been aided by our Fuel Sense program. Suffice it to say, this is a multi-tiered approach to operational improvements in our air operations. You can find details on this in the report.

The next phase is actual aircraft replacement itself. We announced this phase of the plan back in 2006, but just introduced the first of these replacement aircraft this Fall. Additional aircraft replacements will follow in the coming months and years. But this replacement is an important strategy. Why? Well, because we are replacing 90 aircraft with more fuel efficient models that have more payload capacity to boot – to the tune of a 47% reduction in fuel consumption per ton mile transported. And (yet, a bit more math) that’s also a 47% improvement, or reduction, in carbon emissions.

Exciting stuff. But necessary. So, you see, this is not just about “now,” but about “then” as well. Progress takes planning. Progress takes time. If you fail to see that, well…I guess you’re just standing still.

Take care. Now, back to that walk….


    Logan Hakes says:

    The replacement of the old and louder 727 with the newer, quieter, more efficient 757 not only saves fuel, increases capacity but allows us to open routes into cities where noise abatement regulations kept us at bay. Talk about a win/win/win, good for the company, good for the customer, better for the planet.

    kyle tanger says:

    Your aircraft metrics are very interesting, and I appreciate you sharing these data.

    Can you clarify whether your ton/mile metric was generated based on nautical or statue miles?

    Thank you.

    Mitch Jackson says:

    They are based upon statute miles. Thanks.

    boeing fan says:

    That Boeing 727 served you a long time .I think it paid it self off.Better for the planet or not.

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