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You Too Can “Deliver”

September 23, 2009

While our company is comprised of many couriers, drivers and contractors, each and every one of us “can deliver” in another way……in fact a “United Way”.

Recently at a FedEx United Way event in New York City, employees had the chance to deliver “good will” to our local community. Many of us may take for granted the life style and benefits we enjoy each day.  We may under estimate the impact of simple things like gardening; painting or just organizing a work area can have for others less fortunate.

Well at the Henry Street Settlement in New York, FedEx employees experienced first hand the wonderful impact we had working with the United Way and “making a difference” in the day and life of those in need at the Henry Street Settlement. There was a sea of purple as FedEx employees wearing our FedEx Cares purple shirts converged on the settlement doing a variety of tasks that to us may have seemed insignificant, but to those at the settlement it was truly uplifting.  The smiles, hand shakes, and signs of appreciation were everywhere. When the day was done, each of us had “delivered Good Will” and truly made a difference for someone else. It helped remind many of us of how fortunate we are and that we work for a company that allows us to take the time and give back to others less fortunate. We were “United” in our way of making this a truly outstanding experience in line with our Purple Promise.

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