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Your Busiest Day Powers Our Busiest Day: Celebrating Small Businesses

December 5, 2013

jfWhile most of us are sound asleep, Julie Campbell hammers away in the garage of her California home. She’s not tuning up her car, rather fine tuning her passion—creating the intricate details that take shape in her one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Five years ago, the self-taught designer turned a crafting hobby into juliethefish designs, introducing many of us to the concept of “hand stamped” jewelry. Today, Campbell’s hands are stamping more than ever.  She expects to do more holiday business she did last year, as her jewelry continues to reach new fans from England to Italy to Australia.

meatCampbell’s long days and late nights are familiar to Danny Catullo, who owns Ohio-based Catullo Prime Meats, a family business started by his grandfather.

“I have no problem getting up at 4 a.m. and working until midnight,” Catullo said.  “We do 40 percent of our business starting the week before Thanksgiving and through New Year’s. It’s madness, but I love it.”

In Catullo’s words, “meat this good shouldn’t be legal,” but the shop’s devotees are glad it is! The Monday that begins the week before Christmas often marks the busiest day for Catullo’s online shoppers, and the Ohio storefront had more than 1,100 customers walk through the doors last year on December 23rd, as last-minute shoppers scrambled for holiday gifts. This year, that number is expected to grow.

otterboxColorado-based OtterBox remains one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S., and expects to see a sales increase of 320 percent on Cyber Monday, compared to the average day. The company produces device-specific cases for today’s hottest technologies, including smart phones.

Since OtterBox is five times busier during the holiday season, Kristen Tatti notes her adrenaline-fueled team remains “focused on quick turnaround—the key to getting our product out to customers as soon as possible.”

Gobie H20 founder Ari Hoffman knows that feeling. Years ago, Hoffman’s small startup business—which catapulted the idea of never having to buy bottled water again through the use of their reusable, filtered water bottles– required him to pack a few boxes a day. Today, peak holiday shopping can mean $175,000 in monthly business for Gobie H20, requiring a dedicated warehouse crew to support the ever-growing business.  Gobie went from individually picking and packing to fulfilling worldwide orders on a massive scale.

gobieBy now you may be wondering what all these small businesses have in common aside from a busy holiday season. The answer is: FedEx. In the words of Ari Hoffman, “FedEx helped me streamline my shipments. It is a huge company, but doesn’t act like it. I can get my FedEx rep on the phone whenever I need him.”

The ability for FedEx to help small businesses thrive comes from the company’s own experience as a small business. In April 1973, FedEx was a small business with a big dream. With fewer than 400 employees, the company transported 189 packages to 25 U.S. cities. Forty years later, and with more than 300,000 team members across the world, FedEx is moving a record number of packages through its global network—22 million on December 2, 2013, alone, 85 million that week, and with additional volumes spikes throughout December.

Some of those holiday packages will include online shipments from, the brainchild of entrepreneur Monica Peraza. A native of Mexico, Peraza wanted to highlight the colorful craftsmanship of Mexican artisans.

“The value in these products is that they’re authentic and traditional,” Peraza said. “Many of these artisans don’t have money for a store. They can only afford to sell their products on the street near where they live.”

alegreeaWith her online savvy and help from FedEx, Peraza is not only able to showcase the Mexican artisans, but also to export their products to a whole new marketplace—the globe.

“I want to offer the world only the best from Mexico,” Peraza said, “not just during the holidays, but all year round.”

FedEx connects people and possibilities around the world thanks to FedEx team members, who live by the Purple Promise—to make every FedEx experience outstanding. But our success also depends on the success of our customers, especially those who run the small businesses which help power the global economy.

Your busiest days of the year fuel our busiest day, and for that we’re saying thanks!


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