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Your Small-Business Site for LTL Shipping Success: Freight Central

April 3, 2012

We put small-business shippers front and center with Freight Central: a new website focused on helping you understand LTL (less-than-truckload) freight shipping.

Why did we create Freight Central? Because you told us that LTL freight shipping is difficult, confusing and time-consuming. Freight Central seeks to answer your frequently asked questions about LTL freight shipping and provide you with a clear, easy-to-understand, streamlined process to ship.

We’ve categorized the information in easy-to-see and easy-to-maneuver pages and step-by-step instructions. With tools and resources literally at your fingertips, you’ll find what you’re looking for fast and – most important – get shipping with us in just four simple steps.

Here are a few highlights of the site you’ll want to check out:

  • Freight Shipping 101: Walks you through the four steps involved in shipping with FedEx Freight: opening an account, getting a rate quote, shipping online and managing your account.
  • LTL Freight Classification Tool: Takes you through the simple two-step process for estimating your LTL freight shipment classification – a key factor in getting an accurate rate quote.
  • Get the Total Package With FedEx Freight: A fun and interactive way to see all the LTL shipping advantages FedEx Freight brings to the table: shipping solutions, reliability, speed, technology, discount pricing and more.
  • What Is LTL Freight?: Addresses some of the most common questions about LTL freight shipping: What factors affect the price of a shipment? What is freight classification? And why is it important to correctly pack LTL freight shipments?

At FedEx Freight, we get it. Small-business customers don’t have time to wade through complicated processes. And now you don’t have to. With Freight Central, it’s never been easier to start shipping with FedEx Freight.

Check out Freight Central today at

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