Our People

Our People

Continuous Improvement

Getting better at what we do is a serious point of pride for us. But it goes beyond that. Continuous improvement is critical to our customers’ success — and to the success of our business. As innovations continue to reshape the global marketplace, our customers’ needs change quickly. The services they value become more complex and their expectations rise. Ours do, too.

We believe that properly serving our customers begins with training our team members. From couriers to pilots to sales representatives, our team members are eager to improve their skills and advance their careers. At the same time, their development benefits our customers.

With the skills and knowledge to do their jobs safely and well, our team members can deliver on the FedEx promise to provide superior service and create outstanding experiences for customers.

To make training easier and more productive, the FedEx Learning Center provides a single resource for a wealth of online programs and tools.

But it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each of our operating companies customizes offerings to the needs of team members, including job-related training and online skills courses, project- and people-management training, and leadership programs.

In addition:

  • FedEx University provides a wide range of online courses for professional development.
  • We require training in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics across FedEx to help ensure the highest standards of professional integrity.
  • We make quality tools available to all global teams to ensure FedEx customers are satisfied and to help FedEx work smarter.

We believe that when we get better, our customers do better. And that means more opportunity for all of us at FedEx. To learn more, read our Global Citizenship Report.

The average amount of time employees spent in training in FY13.
The number of graduates from the People Development Program offered by FedEx in China for team members interested in management positions.
The amount saved in five months when a quality team improved a process that boosted customer satisfaction.

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