Our People

Our People

Quality Driven Management

Our unique approach to quality puts customers first

Quality has always been a hallmark of FedEx, and we’re never satisfied. As customer needs and expectations evolve, we must continually improve to make customers’ lives easier and simplify the FedEx experience.

We achieve this through Quality Driven Management. Created by FedEx in 2008, QDM is an outgrowth of our decades of quality leadership and experience.

Through QDM, we’re pioneering innovations in quality thinking and driving our quality to new heights for our customers.

Keeping our promise

The Purple Promise — “I will make every FedEx experience outstanding” — expresses our commitment to customers and team members. QDM provides principles, tools and methods that help us work at our best to deliver the Purple Promise, time after time.

Based on the best of the best

QDM draws on the best concepts and practices from many quality philosophies — including Six Sigma, Lean, Total Quality Management, Design Thinking and Agile — to create an optimal approach for a service business like ours.

Core to our culture

QDM is a unique and integral part of our FedEx culture. From the executive suite to the frontline, FedEx team members both learn and teach QDM, and are actively encouraged to seek new ways to improve and innovate.

Measurements that matter to you

To monitor our progress, QDM includes an enterprisewide system of metrics called the FedEx Service Quality Index that keeps us focused on the things that matter most to customers.

Quality is a tradition at FedEx

In 1990, FedEx became the first service company to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. In 1994, we became the first transportation company to receive worldwide ISO 9001 certification. This tradition continues with QDM, as we drive our quality performance levels even higher.

“Quality Driven Management is a unique quality philosophy and methodology, one built by FedEx for FedEx. It is based on a belief deeply embedded in our culture — that customers define quality.”

Frederick W. Smith
Chairman and CEO
FedEx Corporation

QDM Principles are six fundamental concepts that guide our thinking and actions every day:

- Customers define quality.

- Be scientific.

- Measure, measure, measure.

- Optimize business performance.

- Quality involves teamwork.

- View failures as opportunities.

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