Our People

Our People

We Reward Loyalty and Recognize Excellence

We believe our team members are the best in the business. And we make it a point to recognize them for it. Whether it’s for superior customer service, a distinguished safety record, or expressions of warmth and kindness, we celebrate our people when they go above and beyond what’s expected.

Our companywide recognition programs include:

OurPeople_RecognitionFive Star Award

Recognizes manager-nominated team members whose accomplishments demonstrate innovation, collaboration, efficiency, and profitability. It’s the most prestigious honor a FedEx team member can receive.

Bravo Zulu

Rewards team members who exhibit exemplary performance above and beyond normal job responsibilities. Bravo Zulu is the U.S. Navy signal meaning “job well done.”

Purple Promise Award

The Purple Promise is the heart of the FedEx can-do spirit. It honors and rewards our shared commitment to customers and to each other when team members deliver on the Purple Promise: “I will make every FedEx experience outstanding.”

Humanitarian Award

Acknowledges team members who reach out to help others in times of need and demonstrate genuine behavior that rises above basic community responsibility. It illustrates our belief in the need to take care of each other. Our team members have shown remarkable bravery and compassion, stopping to help auto accident victims, rescuing people from icy lakes, fighting wildfires, and much more.

CEO Safety Award

Honors individuals’ contributions to our culture of safety. Our team members always put safety above all.

Service Award

Salutes team members when they complete five years of continuous service to FedEx and honors them at each subsequent five-year anniversary.

Quality Driven Management Cup

Recognizes exemplary team efforts using Quality Driven Management principles, methods, and tools to improve business performance and customer experience.

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