Our Story

Our Story

FedEx Services

FedEx Services began operations in June 2000 to provide information technology, sales, and marketing support for FedEx Corp. subsidiaries FedEx Express and FedEx Ground. The same functions for FedEx Freight and FedEx Office were later aligned with FedEx Services.

In 2013, FedEx Services launched FedEx Delivery Manager®, an innovative option that provides U.S. customers with a range of flexible options to schedule dates, locations and times of delivery. Customers can also actively track and manage deliveries en route to or from their home, without a tracking number or even a FedEx account.

Today more than 16,000 FedEx Services team members coordinate sales, marketing, communications, information technology, and customer service support for the global FedEx brand.

Go to the FedEx Corporate Brochure to see how FedEx Services and other FedEx operating companies come together to connect the world — serving our customers, our communities and our team members.