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Our Story

FedEx Office

In September 1970, Kinko’s opened its first location in Santa Barbara, California. The facility measured only 100 square feet and featured a single copier, an offset press, film processing equipment, and a small selection of stationery and school supplies. Five years later, there were 24 Kinko’s stores. Four years after that, 72.

Up to that point, Kinko’s had focused purely on retail, small-business, and home-business customers with ad hoc sales efforts. It applied minimal use of technology. Its stores were also uniform in size, and its product offerings were limited. But as its business grew, the Kinko’s customer base shifted to a broad range of personal and business customers. In response, the company expanded its services and markets. By the mid-1990s, Kinko’s had grown dramatically to more than 800 stores through the formation of S-corporations.


Clayton, Dubilier & Rice invested in Kinko’s in 1996. More than 125 separate S-corporations were rolled into a single C-corporation. The company installed centralized budgeting and financial planning systems, procurement, real estate, and information services. Kinko’s also started building and investing in its technology infrastructure, including digitally connecting its stores.

Kinko’s customer base had continued to evolve and now included mobile professionals and commercial print buyers. The company realized it could not serve the needs of these customers or make a meaningful connection using a one-size-fits-all approach. In addition, Kinko’s had to find a way to better manage orders and workflow across its network.

FedEx acquired Kinko’s in February 2004 and rebranded it as FedEx Kinko’s Office and Print Services. In June 2008, the name was changed to FedEx Office to better reflect its service and product offerings.

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