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Carl W. Asmus

FedEx Logistics Leadership: President and CEO, FedEx Cross Border

Carl Asmus, President and CEO, FedEx Cross Border

Carl W. Asmus is president and chief executive officer of FedEx Cross Border. He is responsible for the design, development, and implementation of the FedEx global e-commerce portfolio of transportation, logistics, and value-added solutions.

Asmus joined Federal Express in 1989 as manager of advanced automation programs. In 1992, he became vice president of strategic sales planning and support. He joined FedEx Services in 1997 as vice president of marketing. In 2013, Asmus served as vice president of global supply chain solutions and market development at FedEx Services, where he led healthcare, supply chain, sensor-based logistics, aerospace, and e-commerce strategies. Most recently, he has driven the FedEx e-commerce strategy by leading the acquisition and integration of UK-based P2P Mailing into FedEx Cross Border.

Before joining FedEx as part of the Federal Express–Flying Tigers merger, Asmus was the senior director of marketing for Flying Tigers. Prior to Flying Tigers, he was a partner with C. William Associates, a marketing consulting firm based in Los Angeles.

A native of California, Asmus earned his undergraduate degree at California State University-Northridge. He currently serves on the Executive Board of the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business Center for Global Supply Chain Management, where he provides strategic direction for the center’s mission of NEAR (Network, Education, and Advanced Research).