Policy Perspectives

Policy Perspectives

Policy Perspectives Overview

With a network serving more than 220 countries and territories, and more than 450,000 team members, FedEx has a strong interest in public policies and issues that affect the global economy, our business and the interests of our customers. Policy Perspectives serves as a hub to share FedEx views on important topics including trade, transportation, technology and innovation, energy security and many others. We invite you to navigate through our site to learn more about the FedEx perspective on key policy matters, as well as the latest news and developments.

While there are a broad array of matters facing the company and economy, our guidepost is steady: FedEx supports policies that promote the interests of our customers, team members, investors and business.



Expanding free trade connects and lifts up businesses, communities and individuals around the world.


Investments in modern, 21st-century infrastructure allow for safe, sustainable transportation — both on the ground and in the air.

Technology and Innovation

Next generation innovation offers undeniable efficiency and safety benefits.

Energy Security

Increased research and innovation help end our dependence on foreign oil and provide lasting, sustainable and cleaner sources of energy.

Related Topics

Smart policies that address cybersecurity, economic growth and technology investments are vital for our customers, team members, investors and business.


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